Lifeguarding in Trumbull

By Nick Laskos
EE Staff Writer

Do you want a summer job that pays well and has a high amount of respect and responsibility, then lifeguarding is for you. Anyone who has been to the pool or beach has seen the lifeguard watching diligently, but a lot of people know only a little about lifeguarding. Most people think it involves wearing red shorts and Ray Ban sunglasses and watching people in the pool, but there is a lot more to it.

Some of the duties of a lifeguard include: enforcing rules in order to limit problems and injuries; observing the duty area and its users in order to anticipate problems and identifying an emergency quickly; supervising the use of equipment such as water slides; carrying out rescues and initiating other emergency actions; providing first aid in the event of injury; and communicating with swimmers.

Madeline Kahn, a lifeguard, works at close by YMCA and attends Trumbull High School. She says, “I like the job and I like teaching lessons because I like the young children.”

Teaching swim lessons is very rewarding part of the job, but some lifeguards do not enjoy teaching because you have to get in the water (most lifeguards like to stay dry).

When asked what she did not like about the job, Madeline responded with, “It’s a boring job because much of time you must sit alone and watching the water and people constantly hurts my eyes.”

Kevin Crossly, a senior and a Trumbull high student, works at Hillcrest and has also worked at Pinewood and Beaches pool. Kevin does not like the stress, boredom and sitting alone that goes with the job. When asked about the positives to lifeguarding Kevin said “I like it. Money is the motive though.”

When asked which place he liked working the most Kevin responded with “Pinewood, because it’s a great work environment where you can talk with the other lifeguards.” Whether or not you can talk to other lifeguards on the job greatly changes how much you will like job, and many guards say the job is boring but important. As students begin the search for a summer job, consider if you are the type of person who might like to be a lifeguard.

One Response to Lifeguarding in Trumbull

  1. Paulina Howard says:

    It is true that being lifeguard is easily stereotyped. However, I don’t think that I would want to be one. Regardless to the fact that you are helping people, I really don’t think that I could sit still and focused for that long. That is why I prefer working in the food industry, it’s busy and keeps me on my feet for long hours, and it is a good kind of stress. Not the looming stress that something bad could happen at any moment that a lifeguard always has in the back of their mind. Kudos to those of you who can do it! A well written article, nice job!

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