The Healthy Lives of Teens

By Stephanie Guerin ‘13
EE Staff Writer

As people go from childhood to their teen years, they begin to take responsibility for their own lives. Their mom stops making all of their meals, monitoring their every need, and knowing their every emotion. This also means that teens control their own health and well-being as they grow older. This can be a struggle for many as they lose sight of what exactly healthy is and have no one to keep them on track.

The chaos of high school can push teens off their course of healthy living. For instance, the pressure of tests and assignments bring stress, distracting students from other factors of their lives. Some teens also have insecurity issues during this time in their life, which can severely affect their overall well being. Even the pressures of drinking and smoking can affect the health of teens. Late nights with friends on the weekends do not help health either, and let us not forget the possibility of eating fast food three times a week.

Amanda Burtnett understands the pressures of high school. “Yes, I am always stressed out. I pretty much just try to ignore all of the things that I have to do, so that I don’t feel the stress. It isn’t really effective because I eventually have to deal with the things I have to do, but I can’t help but procrastinate. It makes it much harder because, as a high school student. Everyone has so much to do and not enough time to do it. It is hard to do school and work and at the same time think about your eating or exercising habits. It’s a struggle.”

There are many ups and downs in the life of the typical teenager. It is a struggle to maintain a healthy, happy lifestyle while simultaneously balancing the daily troubles of being in high school.

Amanda Burtnett said, “Being healthy is important to me, but sometimes I find it hard to stay on track. I don’t always live the way I want to. My favorite food is pizza. I work at Mac Daddy’s. So every time I work, I eat mac and cheese, which is super unhealthy. I just don’t have the time to work towards eating healthy every meal. I really don’t work out because I really just don’t have time to with a job and school and homework. I did do hot yoga once…”

From not eating enough to eating too much, from panic attacks to mental break downs, from insomnia to sleeping until three p.m, from eating disorders to self esteem issues, from people who don’t exercise at all to people who will never leave the gym. All of these unhealthy ways of life can be seen at every turn in the halls of high school. It takes experience and maturity for one to get a grip on their needs and wants, and to manage their daily life in a way that allows them to live their life to the fullest.

Melissa Giblin said, “Being healthy is really important to me. When I am healthy, I feel good about myself and am happier. I try to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. It’s not even because I am trying to be super healthy, I just love how they taste. I am usually good about not eating a lot of sweets. I guess you can say I have good will power. I work out a lot. I do track, so I love running. I run about five or six miles every day at the gym. I’ll also run outside if it is a nice day.”

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