Breathe In…Breathe Out

By Stephanie Guerin “13
EE Staff Writer

One of the worst things for the body and mind is stress. And, boy is stress a huge problem in high school. No matter if you’re freshmen or senior, stress will eventually find you. You may have four tests in the same day, or a quiz that you forgot to study for, or two oral presentations back to back. It is inevitable that one will feel stress at least once (but probably more) in high school. Stress mentally and physically drains you by releasing stress hormones which leave you tired and unhappy. Here are a few ways to get back to your happy place when life gets stressful.

1) Stop putting off things you have to do.

I know you may be thinking “I just want to put my work off so that I don’t think about it, that way I won’t be stressed. I would rather take a nap right now.” You’re wrong! There is a little something called delayed gratification, which sort of relates to this idea. Delayed gratification involves putting off an immediate reward so that you later receive a better reward. Is taking that nap worth waking up and still having to write that essay and endure the stress it involves? Or would you rather have finished that essay right after school so that you can relax worry free for the rest of the day? Exactly.

2) Have a good workout.

It is just plain old fact that working out relieves tons of stress. Besides the fact that it makes you feel better about yourself, it triggers a chemical release. It causes your body to produce endorphins. These endorphins are natural mood boosters. It sort of kills two birds with one stone. Your stress is gone and you’re getting in shape. What can be better than that!

3) Engage in something you love.

Whether it’s singing, dancing, painting, sewing, picking up rocks, or picking your nose…(okay maybe not that!), it will most definitely temporarily, or even permanently, cure your stress. When you do something you enjoy, it only makes sense that your mind will be distracted for the time being and off of whatever was stressing you out. It’s like a little break from reality.

4) Kiss somebody.

Sounds pretty silly right? Well it sure can help stress! In fact, a recent study of 2,000 couples showed that those who kiss less often are eight times more likely to report suffering from stress and depression than those who frequently kiss on the spur of the moment. So whether it’s a quick peck or a passionate embrace, pucker up!

5) Laugh.

Probably the best and most important stress relief is laughing. Physically, emotionally, mentally, and maybe even spiritually (whatever that is) laughing helps one feel better. It reduces the level of stress hormones in the body and strengthens the immune system. It triggers a physical release which is sometimes referred to as a “cleansed feeling”. It also causes a sense of bonding when people share a laugh, which naturally makes a person feel good.

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