“Gates of Paradise” Ends a Thrilling Series

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By Lisa Carbone
EE Staff Writer

Melissa de la Cruz has written many young adult books besides the Blue Bloods novels. She has written other series like the Au Pair series about two girls living with a host family in the Hamptons, The Ashleys about girls in a preparatory school, The Beauchamp Family is about a family of witches, and Wolf Pact is a spin off of the Blue Bloods series.

Readers who love romance with a hint of suspense will adore the entire series. It is somewhat like the Twilight series in the sense of vampires and werewolves and forbidden love. There are also humans who interact with the vampires, just like in Twilight. I know some people do not like Twilight, but this series is completely different. It is very riveting.

Gates of Paradise was released on January 15, 2013 by Hyperion Paperbacks. It was the perfect ending to a series filled with twists and turns. The last book is about the final battle between Schuyler Van Allen and the other Blue Bloods versus Lucifer and his followers. The setting takes place in London, England, hell and the Gates of Promise. Love will triumph for some, while for others it will be their end. This book tied up all the loose ends between characters while new relationships also develop.

People who liked Jack and Mimi got to see them interact as partners in crime by working for Lucifer again, like they did in their previous lives. For example, by working with Lucifer, they wanted to save their true loves Schuyler and Kingsley. One of the sweetest moments in the entire book was when Schuyler felt a presence looming. In the end, it was revealed that the presence was Jack, watching over her and trying to protect her from Lucifer’s wrath. It might sound cheesy and cliché, but I am a sucker for the cute scenes in any book, TV show, or movie.

A reviewer on Amazon.com said, “Melissa de la Cruz has done it again. She brought the passion the mystery and the all empowering love. This book is the best by far. It will keep you so entranced that you won’t be able to put it down after you start. The love the characters feel for each other will have you hear breaking and soaring. You will cry, you will jump for joy.”

As a fan of the entire series, the book was so enjoyable. I would recommend that people interested start with the first book because they will not understand the rest of the series without it, and the books are worth the time and effort. As mentioned previously, I loved the ending of the book because everything was tied up and the reader was not left wanting more. I rate this 4 out of 5 stars.

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