New Possibilities Help Create the Perfect “Do”

By Brittany Kubicko ‘15
EE Senior Features Editor

Have you ever wanted to try a new hairstyle to mix things up once in awhile? Do you believe that hairstyles can be as important as fashion? If so, some of the new hair trends of 2013 may be perfect for you.

Every year, on the runways and on the streets, new hairstyles become relevant to the world, and instantly most of them become popular with fashionistas. Once they become open to the world, people want to try them quickly before the trends fade away, but it is guaranteed that these 2013 hair trends will not be going anytime soon.

One of the classics hitting the runway lately is braids of all types. This hairstyle has been popular for many years for girls alike.

“My favorite (hairstyle) is probably the different kinds of braids,” says sophomore Amanda Lee. “They are not just sticking with the normal…stuff.”

If you do not know what a braid is, it is a hairstyle where you split your hair into three sections. You put one section over another, and you continue that down your hair until you reach the end of the hair. There are many types of braids that are trending, from French braids (a really type braid that almost sticks to your head) to waterfall braids (a type of braid that cascades down your hair from one side to another, almost like a waterfall). These braids are stylish and easy to do, so it is a really good hairstyle to do if you are in a rush in the morning.

Another type of hairstyle that has become popular is slicked back hair. This hairstyle involves a small section of hair, and it is slicked back away from the face with the help of hair gel. This hairstyle is perfect for when you want your hair to remain away from your face, but surprisingly, although popular on the runways, most people are despising this hairstyle.

“Personally, I do not really like the slicked back hair,” explains sophomore Paulina Howard. “I just feel like there is no body, there is no volume… it looks too serious and too hard.”

If you are looking for a great hairstyle without putting your hair up, then loose waves are the way to go. Called ‘rock and roll’ waves on the runways, this hairstyle is inspired by the 90s rock and roll/indie time period, and many models were rocking them, whether they had long or short hair. This is the hairstyle that is perfect for every type of hair, and takes little of time to do.

“It is not all prim and perfect, like everyone else is,” states sophomore Tina DeLucia, who calls this hairstyle one of her favorites. “And it is just like wild and very creative.”

If you have no time to do your hair in the morning, then the perfect thing to do with your hair is to put in a fun hair accessory. This spring calls for very creative accessories. Many runways were rocking headbands with bows, fancy hats atop of perfect models and even pearl beads that draped over a model’s hair and neck! Hair accessories are fun and always fashionable, and most of them are very inexpensive, so they are perfect for the days when you are unsure what to do.

Other than fancy hairdos, dying hair has been quite popular around the world and across the streets. Whether a person dyes their whole head or just the ends, their hair stands out in a very fashionable way. One type of hair dying that people are doing to their hair is pastel highlights.

“I think it is a great way to express yourself, and it is perfect for the upcoming spring and summer season,” Paulina, who wants to get the pastel highlights badly, says.

Many people are deciding to dye parts of their hairs with baby pink, sky blue and light purple highlights, making their hair stand out. This style is highly liked because it is not like the normal blonde highlights that many get; it is something different.

Another way to dye your hair without dying your whole head is getting ombre highlights. Ombre highlights is when the tips of your hair is lighter while the upper half is darker. This trend has been popular for many years now, and currently the trend has flipped; instead of seeing lighter tips and darker roots (meaning the top of your head near your scalp), most runways are doing darker tips and lighter roots! Ombre highlights add character to your hair, and it makes the texture of your hair more interesting, which is why a lot of people go for this style.

The color that most people are dying their hair this spring? Platinum blonde. Platinum blonde hair is a daring color to do on hair, and it totally stands out from the moment you enter a room to when you leave it. If you want a big change to your hair, then this is the way to go.

However, not everyone is craving this bright trend. “Not everyone can pull it off,” says Tina about this wild hair color. She believes, personally, she can’t pull off platinum blonde hair, and she does not like how some people can pull it off so easily. “It makes people who can pull it off go like ‘Oh, hi guys.’” Hair and hair styling is as important as fashion itself is.

“It is like shoes and other accessories,” said Amanda. “It makes an outfit… the clothes are good, but you have to make an outfit… you have to pull it off, and you need hair, accessories and shoes to do that.”

Overall, these new hair trends are vivacious and fun, and perfect for spring 2013. If you want to pull off an outfit the RIGHT way, a new do will always make it better, so get on to doing these hair trends before they suddenly disappear!

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