Alex Rodriguez Strongly Linked to Steroids Clinic

By Kristina Vetter ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Baseball is America’s game. How would you feel if America’s beloved game was tainted by steroids and performance enhancing drugs? Alex Rodriguez, an important part of the famous New York Yankees has been accused of using performance enhancing drugs. The thought that one of the heroes of the Yankees may not be an honest player is truly shocking. The New York Yankees is one of the most honored and decorated teams in baseball history but the question looms, did one of their own cheat?

The use of steroids in major league baseball has been prevalent for many years. There is always one major star or another being accused of using performance enhancing drugs to make himself stronger, faster, or just a better athlete. The most recent player to face allegations of illegally strengthening their performance is Alex Rodriguez, a third baseman for the New York Yankees.

Rodriguez has been accused of taking steroids from a dealer in Miami who is known for selling performance enhancing drugs to the major league, minor league, and college baseball players. Alex Rodriguez denies these claims, but many people do not believe him.

“I think A-Rod is using steroids. People do not just falsely accuse someone of a crime that could ruin their career. Drug tests and records don’t lie,” says freshman Maddie Parente, who has a strong opinion on Alex Rodriguez.

The records from a Miami steroid clinic indicate that Alex Rodriguez has a strong connection with the owner of the clinic, Anthony Bosch.

Mike Kenler, another freshman, thinks that the possible loss of Rodriguez from the Yankees is a good thing.

“The Yankees need to have a more youthful roster, and A-Rod is bringing them down,” Kenler states.

The Yankees are getting older, but should you really fix something that isn’t broken? Alex Rodriguez may be accused of steroid use, but he has never been convicted. Presently, Rodriguez is taking a break from playing for a while because of recent hip surgery, and is hoping that the claims will blow over.

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