iPhone 5 Revealed as Apple’s Reign Continues

By Marissa Piccolo ’13

On September 21st, 2012, the long awaited event finally came. It was the release of the iPhone 5, Apple’s latest version of the iPhone, which had kept loyal Apple supporters, and new customers alike, on their toes for months.

The first iPhone to be released after the death of Steve Jobs, Apple was faced with the task of creating an even more innovative device, to continue pioneering and leading their field. With increased competition from Android, the challenge was met head on. The new iPhone was fittingly advertised as, “The biggest thing to happen to the iPhone, since the iPhone” and did not disappoint.

The day of release, lines worldwide were out the door from the night before. Sophomore Amy Virasak was just one of the many people eager to get their hands on the new product. Preordering her phone to coincide with her new upgrade, she remarks, “When I first saw that the iPhone came out, I was so excited. I thought it was amazing and a whole new upgrade from the 4s. My favorite part about it is that it gives me LTE service making it super fast. It even has a larger screen and extra lightness, which are two big pluses.”

In addition to the features mentioned by Virasak, there are other improvements. The advancements in the iPhone 5 are reflected in its improved convenience. Not only does it have a larger screen that is easier to use, with another row to utilize more apps, the WiFi connection is also stronger. Apple raves over its new, ultrafast wireless that can be even faster than the average WiFi connection at home, which Virasak mentioned. The new and improved A6 chip facilitates this, along with granting it a longer battery life for more capability.

In addition to the iPhone 5, owners of older version iPhones were able to download an iOs6 6 software update. Similar to the iPhone 5, this software allows more accessibility such as the new integration of facebook and twitter. With these new strides in the field of cellular devices, it is clear that Apple has set many new standards its competition and allowed the iPhone 5 live up to its iconic predecessors.

3 Responses to iPhone 5 Revealed as Apple’s Reign Continues

  1. Taylor Logan says:

    I think the iPhone 5 is not that much different from the iPhone 4s except for the screen size & wi-fi connection.

    • Lenna Zakhour says:

      I agree with Taylor, there isn’t much difference between the iPhone 4 and 5 except for the size, wifi connection and also a better camera.

  2. Austin Medina says:

    I have the IPhone 5 and I’m actually using it to leave this comment. It’s not much different than the last version, but I still like it. It’s faster than the old one and I like the screen bigger.

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