Time for an Upgrade at THS? The Technology Debate

Morgan Regent ‘16
EE Staff Writer

Alyssa pulls out her phone in class and almost instantly the teacher exclaims, “Put that away right now or I will take it!” The typical response to this would be some sort of excuse from the student as to why the phone is out. However, excuses only work on rare occasions. Then class continues with cellphones out of sight.

Today, technology is used most everywhere you go. The classroom is no exception. It seems as if Apple products, such as iPhones and iPads, are taking over our world. For years, teachers and administrators have tried to ban these electronic devices from the classroom, specifically cell phones. They have been said to be distractions to students and have been viewed as a detriment to the learning environment.

Despite these valid arguments, cell phones could also be a significant benefit to learning. With today’s latest technologies, cell phones provide students with new ways to excel in school by using educational applications. Is it time for Trumbull High School to embrace the new technological way of the world?

“I think that cell phones are beneficial because there are many applications that can be used for educational purposes. They can be a distraction to those who decide to text during class; however the poor choices of those few students should not affect the student body as a whole,” said Kherigan Jones, a student at Trumbull High School, who agrees that cell phones can be helpful in our learning atmosphere.

Technology has made much advancement throughout the past years, and these high-tech changes allow people to do things that they never have before, such as using the Internet on the go or creating reminders. These applications could aid students greatly. Cell phones provide students with a wide variety of educational utilities. Just to name a few other benefits, using cell phones can be a more engaging way for students to find information rather than listening to traditional lectures.

Furthermore, students can take notes on notepads during class, thus notes are accessible anywhere they go. Useful apps to help with math have been created by companies such as Infinite Thinking Machine and there are applications to help you study languages such as Spanish, Portuguese, French, Mandarin, and more. Instead of playing Angry Birds, now students can review for language classes when they have a few minutes to spare. While some administrators view cell phones as a distraction to students, the positives of cell phone use in the classroom might outweigh the negatives.

“Cell phones can be used in class; however, it depends on how it is enforced. It also depends on how the teacher structures the lesson so that the students can be engaged in the lesson, but there must be rules in place so that the privilege of using cell phones in the classroom do not get abused,” said, Mrs. Slais, a Spanish teacher here at THS.

Cell phones provide students with a plethora of apps that can greatly assist them in school. It is time for Trumbull High School to adopt some additional high-tech ways.

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