Kings of the Court at the NBA All Star Game

basketball_hoopsBy Alyssa Breunig ’16
EE Staff Writer

Both teams, the East and West, entered the court determined to claim the 2013 NBA All Star Game title. The NBA All Star Game consists of the best players from the Eastern Conference performing against the best players in the Western Conference. Through the complaining, sweat, and fouls, the West left Houston once again with the win. While close to 75% of people surveyed at Trumbull High School voted for the East to grasp victory, they were sadly let down with the final score of 138 to 143.

“The West played the best, so they deserved the best,” said Justin Waldek, a freshman at Trumbull High School.

Many people concur with Waldek’s opinion, but most of them originally assumed the East would triumph. Unfortunately, spectators noted the East did not sincerely try until the 4th quarter and the West deserved the win.

Individual players were also honored. Chris Paul was voted MVP of the All Star Game for his 15 assists, 4 steals, and 20 points. He was one of the few elite players who proved himself during the game.

“Any player that has 15 assists deserves MVP hands down.” Alex Recker a freshman at Trumbull High stated.

Fans surveyed agreed. Paul played well and clearly should have received the title. Other players who contributed to game were Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony, Lebron James, and Dwyane Wade. All of those players provided many points for the team and played their best to try and leave with the trophy in their hands.

In addition to players, the talk about the Los Angeles Laker’s own Kobe Bryant playing phenomenally against Miami Heat’s Lebron James. Kobe played excellent defense on Lebron in the 4th quarter.

“Yes I do agree Kobe totally shut down Lebron not only did he stuff him twice, but he is just an overall better player than him.” Justin Waldek said, putting the competition in perspective.

However, Andrew Ameer, a senior at Trumbull High offered a differing opinion. “No he only had two good plays.”

In addition to the All Star Game, there was the Rising Stars Game, Dunk Contest, and Three Point Contest. The winner of the three point contest was the second year player from the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kyrie Irving. In addition, the winner of the Dunk Contest was the Toronto Raptor’s Terrence Ross.

“Terrence Ross was an animal and definitely deserved it. He had the highest skilled dunks without a doubt.” Coach Bray, the boys varsity basketball coach at THS explained.

Terrence Ross competed in the final round against Utah Jazz’s Jeremy Evans. They both had impressive dunks, but Terrence Ross just pulled the crowd in with his final dunk. Lastly, how could anyone forget about the BBVA Rising Stars game? Every year, it is Team Shaq against Team Chuck. The former NBA player, Shaquille O’Neal, coaches Team Shaq against the former NBA player, Charles Barkley, who coaches Team Chuck. The final score was Team Shaq with 135 and Team Chuck with 163. Coming from Team Chuck it was a big night for the seven foot power forward from the Denver Nuggets Kenneth Faried as he was proudly named Rookie of the Year.

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