Junior and Senior Classes Give Back

Marissa Piccolo ’13
EE Senior Lifestlye Editor

Each year, Cotillion provides an opportunity for upperclassmen and friends to spend the night together at the Waterview. However, what many students do not realize is that instead of giving out dance favors and mementos such as picture frames or swag bags during the evening, students use the money for a good cause.

The junior and senior class split profits proportionally based on the number of attendees from each grade. Every year, part of the money raised goes towards each classes’ fund for prom. Yet, an amount is also donated every year to local charities of the officers choosing.

Junior class officers Caroline Drenkard, Jake Levison, Elena Mignone, and Hailey Pekara decided on the junior class donation along with the input of the advisors. The junior class donated $400 to the American Cancer Society, Norwalk branch.

“We all officially agreed on donating $400 to the American cancer society because 1) we are all touched by this disease whether it may be someone we personally know going through the pain, 2) it is a great cause to donate to, and 3) we would like to do whatever it takes to help,” said Elena Mignone.

This year, senior class officers Chris LoBosco, John Watts, Marissa Piccolo, and Emily Doris and advisors Mrs. Yerina and Mr. Matthews donated a total of $250 to Swim Across the Sound and $250 to Operation Smile for a total of $500. Swim Across the Sound is a charity that runs in cooperation with St. Vincent’s Medical Center, and provides cancer education, screening, and prevention programs. Operation Smile is another charity, which offers constructive surgery and medical care for children born with cleft lips and palates, allowing them to eat, speak, socialize, and smile.

When asked about her role in the donation, treasurer Emily Doris summed it up with, “As a senior class, we know we set an example for the school and giving back is an important aspect of that.”

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