The Truth about iPhones and Androids

imagesBy Rachel George ’16
EE Staff Writer

“Team iPhone, all the way!”

“I love my Samsung Galaxy way better than any other phone!”

Ever heard or said similar comments before? The battle continues between these phones. Which would you prefer to own? An Apple iPhone or its rival, the user-friendly Android?

In the past, many people have thought of the iPhone as the number one phone across the nation, but now, people have realized that its competitor has gained a strong following, too. Androids, taking a huge jump forward in technology, have become instantly popular.

Now, Apple is trying to keep up with the new Androids technology, which keeps advancing all the time. The iPhone 5, when compared to the usual model of an Android, is slimmer and has more length. iPhones also have managed to get more creative apps and software compared to Androids, such as Siri and the new and improved camera. Two of the most prominent reasons iPhone sales remain strong for the Apple company.

Still, in 2013, iPhones versus Androids is one of the most popular disputes. Trumbull High School students interviewed, including iPhone and Android users stated that Androids have more of an advantage in personalization.

“An Android can be way more customized, in my opinion, with the variety of apps, wallpaper, and other features,” claims Reena George, a student at THS.

However, students also said that the iPhone is more user-friendly to customers, since it has easier access to navigating its apps and camera. Plus it is faster and less complicated to understand.

People interviewed predicted the Android to be the most successful in the long run, since the iPhones were already beginning to lose its popularity to the nicer looking Androids breaking through.

“The Androids may become more popular since they are getting creative with the unique styles are coming out. The iPhone still has basically the same model.” Binitha Benjamin, THS student said.

So, all in all, at the moment both the iPhone and Androids have an equal chance in winning complete popularity. Users prefer their own brand of phone and most are completely satisfied with them. The race for popularity will just have to remain a mystery for now.

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