Powder Puff Black Team Wins in Close Scoring Game

Powderuff2By Marissa Piccolo ‘13
EE Senior Lifestyle Editor

After last minute practices in the cold and months of anticipation after the original November game date was postponed due to inclement weather, the stage was set under the lights this Friday, March 15th.

The Black and Gold teams met and fought for the coveted powder puff title, a tradition for senior girls, which raises money for PTSA’s Post Prom.

Powder puff football games are exclusively for girls and played using flags instead of tackling. Trumbull High’s referees adapted the rules so that each team had 12 offensive plays per half.

Led by coaches Mr. Labarca and Mr. Uhrlass, and senior football players Ryan Pearson, William Polito, and Michael Williams, the Gold team started with the ball and made a statement when running back Taylor Pratcher, also a soccer and track athlete, scored on the first play. Pratcher celebrated by lifting up her jersey to show off her “I Heart To Score” shirt underneath, taunting the Black team as they stepped up to the line losing 3-0.

Once the Black team did have the ball offensively, however, they countered by putting themselves up four to three with touchdowns by the end of the first half from Meaghan Gillespie, Gabriella Reggiano, and Nila Caballero. Gold team worked hard and aggressively to contain Black’s runners, meriting the first and only penalty when one Black team girl was tackled.

Heading into the second half, Black team coaches Mr. August, Mr. McGrath, Ms. Rizza, and student leaders Paul Angelucci, Ryan Keklik, Dan Paolino were adamant on their tough defense, which prevented the Gold team from creating too large of a margin. When the Black team’s offense got the ball for the final time, they needed to score two touchdowns to win the game.

On the last play with the score tied, Meaghan Gillespie was given the ball and ran the ball in 50 yards into the end zone for the win. The Black team, unable to control their excitement, ran to meet Gillespie in the end zone and began bowing down to her and celebrating.

“The offense was great and I was confident that they’d help me find a path through and they did. I know people say it’s just powder puff, but it definitely felt like more to me. I think that I will be remembering that game for a while,” said Gillespie of the victory.

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