Can Fast Food Be Healthy?

By Marisa Marturano ‘13
EE Staff Writer

Fast food…should we or should we not indulge in these quick, grab and go meals?

The top three fast food chains are McDonalds, Burger King and Wendys. Most teens, at one time or another, indulge in these quick and easy meals. Are they good for us, or do they contribute to obesity?

Take McDonalds – a big chain with a Big Mac as one of their menu hamburger options. If you sink your teeth into one of these, it delivers 550 calories and 970 milligrams of sodium, about a quarter of what your daily 2,000 calorie intake should be.

On the flip side. McDonalds offers salads. This way the corporation thinks they are giving you healthy options. Who is going to notice the three salad types in the small corner of their menu. Plus, the salad dressings are heavily laden with fat.

Burger King tries to spice up their menu by literally adding spicy curly fries. They also recently debuted a new summer menu. It featured items such as the maple bacon sundae. It is vanilla ice cream with caramel and chocolate sauce with crumbled bacon sprinkled on top. All in all, it is exceptionally yummy, but not healthy. Burger King, in the past, has also tried to wow us with their new salads, chicken wraps, and salad wraps.

Let’s talk about how healthy these items are for us. I mean, a burger with three slices of meat? A triple burger? Even though it is on the go, it is not a healthy option.

Wendy’s does have some options that are healthier. They have salads such as the Baja salad, which features real chili meat, pico de gallo salsa and guacamole. They have sides such as baked potatoes. Wendy’s is definitely one of the healthier of the big three fast food chains.

These fast food meals are tasty on the go, but they are not the healthiest of options. Individuals have to make wise decisions when to indulge.

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