Parris Island Marine Band Entertains

By Kevin Pacelli ’14

On Tuesday, October 9, an exclusive Trumbull High School audience experienced a special treat in the auditorium. Students belonging to the THS music program, along with students on field trips from other schools, were entertained by a performance from the Parris Island Marine Band.

The prestigious group was in town for several Columbus Day festivities, including a Bridgeport parade in which the Trumbull High School Golden Eagle Marching Band also participated. When hearing that the band was coming to perform, students weren’t quite sure what to expect. But they certainly weren’t disappointed.

The concert opened (not surprisingly) in a very militaristic fashion, with the band members rising to salute upon the entrance of their conductor. After that, they were quick to begin their first piece, followed by the National Anthem. Once it had begun, the talent really began to shine. Trombone, piccolo, and drum line features all impressed the crowd, and a tenor sax solo during the classic tune “Amazing Grace” gave the students goose bumps.

If the music alone wasn’t enough to engage the audience, the crowd participation later on definitely kept students entertained. When the group asked for a guest conductor to keep time for the playing of “Stars and Stripes Forever,” all eyes turned to Camilla Edwards, one of Trumbull High’s own drum majors. Backed by the audience’s enthusiastic clapping to the beat, Edwards successfully led the Marines, and thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity.

“This was a great opportunity because I got to experience what usually only a highly ranked officer would get to,” stated Edwards. “Whatever they played came out perfectly. Although I really like working with my friends, it was awesome to get to conduct a band that would follow everything I did!”

Before heading back to class, the students had the opportunity to meet with some of the band members to ask about their music, their group, and a typical day in their position. The Parris Island Marine Band provided an experience that not only entertained students, but also left an impression on everybody who was lucky enough to attend.

Photo by Lance Cpl. Rodion Zabolotniy

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  1. Justin Ferreira says:

    I thought the band did a great job, they taught/showed the drummers their techniques they use along with other college/military bands, so we truely benifited from them coming to our school.

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