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Alex Gaskarth, the lead vocalist and guitarist in All Time Low, has written songs that have saved countless lives with their inspiring lyrics. All Time Low is a pop punk band that was formed in a suburb near Baltimore, Maryland in 2003.

Other members of this American band include Jack Barakat, Rian Dawson, and Zack Merrick. “Lullabies,” written by Gaskarth, is off of All Time Low’s debut studio album, The Party Scene. This song holds a special place in the lead singer’s heart. “Lullabies” appears on another EP called Put Up or Shut Up, released while the band was in their senior year of high school. Gaskarth was writing passionate, catchy, and well-organized songs at an age where most would be attending mindless parties.

“Lullabies” was written about the untimely death of Alex Gaskarth’s brother. Severe alcoholism ended his life when younger sibling Alex was at the age of just twelve. This addiction did to the Gaskarth family what it does in any case: hurt all who were involved. Lyrics like, “Scream to be heard, like you needed any more attention; throw the bottle, break the door and disappear” illustrate the pain and chaos this family was put through.

In a later verse, Alex sings, “Don’t you realize you shot this family a world full of pain? Can’t you see there was a happy ending we let go?” This song is packed with meaning and emotion. While performing this song at Warped Tour in 2007, Alex paused to shed a few tears. Not only are the lyrics sentimental, but the musical aspects of “Lullabies” exceed expectations as well. It opens slowly and soft, then erupts into a louder and more passionate melody. It is hard not to belt out the chorus along with your iPod, and the intricate drum and guitar playing is incredible. “Lullabies” slows down once more at the end of the song in almost a chant of the beginning of the chorus: “Sing me to sleep,” and breaks out into its final chorus.

“Lullabies” is bursting at its seams with raw emotion and passion, depicting the effects that alcoholism can have on an entire family. Other works by All Time Low share the same level of greatness. Songs like “Therapy,” “Remembering Sunday,” and many more contain lyrics that can help a listener through hard times. “Lullabies” is definitely worth a listen, especially if you can relate to Alex’s situation. This song, album, and band all deserve a 10/10 in the music department.

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