Edge of the World Books for Struggling Readers

Jesse Rubinstein ’14 and Emili Antos ‘13
EE Senior Sports Editor and EE Staff Writer

Edge of the World Books, created by THS librarian Colin Neenan, is a website to help struggling readers find inspiration. The purpose of the site is to help students pick up a book and enjoy what they read. There are many helpful tools on the site, especially the home page, which guides the audience quite effectively towards reading choices.

Edge of the World Books helps students find interesting novels and provides links with information about the books. One very creative feature is the book trailer. Say a student is interested in a book, that person could then click on the book trailer and it will lead to a YouTube video describing the book. These trailers include more on the content, and this resource could be very helpful to students all over the nation.

In an interview with Mr. Neenan, her responded to questions about Edge of the World Books.

1) What prompted you to make the website, edgeoftheworldbooks.com?

To help people who don’t like reading. It shows trailers of the books instead of having people have to read the backs of books. If they see the trailer, they may want to get the book and read it since the book trailer was intriguing. They can’t read the book online, but it has a link to Amazon where they can buy it.

2) How did you choose the books that are on the website?

Teenagers choose them. The categories are based on what teenagers want. We can upload any story we want and choose any topic we find interesting.

3) Do you know if the website has been successful?

It’s an ongoing process. I want to get people to notice it from Trumbull High, and in the future, it will get around to other schools knowing about it.

For more information go to edgeoftheworldbooks.com.

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