DECA Dominates

Corrie MaClean ‘14
Katie Herndon ‘14
EE Special Correspondents

On Wednesday February 27, 2013, eighteen members of the THS Honors Marketing program made the trip to the Aqua Turf Club to compete with Connecticut’s best Marketing and DECA students.

The day consisted of many nerve racking hours of waiting around with more than 1200 student representatives from various high schools.

Each individual or team was assigned a specific event and spent the day testing their aptitude with topics such as business operations, business management, entrepreneurship and business administration. The competition was very arduous. All the participants had to put themselves in assigned roles with little time to prepare. For example, one team represented a management team and resolved a conflict that management might encounter in the real world.

Shortly after the role plays were concluded, there was entertainment with a hypnotist and, later, an awards ceremony. Nothing was more uplifting than to see THS students’ excitement when they were announced in second place for the State DECA Scavenger hunt.

Zachary Chase took first place in the Principles of Business Administration Events (written component and two role plays in which the students were given 10 minutes to prepare). Rebecca Buck placed fourth in the Principles of Hospitality and Tourism.

Carly Goroff received second place in Quick Serve Restaurant Management, which included a written component and two role plays in which the students were given 10 minutes to prepare. Matthew Von Schleusingen also placed in the top six.

The Team Series events include a written component, presentation of materials, as well as a team comprehensive assessment in which students were given 30 minutes to prepare.

In Hospitality Services, Kyle Foito and Vincent Ciambriello placed second and Kathryn Herndon and Corrie MacLean came in third. As for Buying and Merchandising, Justin Burke and Kevin Mott finished in the top six.

The team includes Corrie MacLean, Katie Herndon, Rebecca Buck, Matt Von Schleusingen, Zac Chase, Vinny Ciambriello, Carly Goroff, Kyle Foito, Justin Burke, Kevin Mott. Todd Manuel is the advisor. Every member who received third place or higher will be advancing to Nationals in Anaheim, California this week.

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