Lacrosse: Stairway to Success

Rachel George ‘16
EE Staff Writer

This year, Trumbull High School girls lacrosse team has welcomed many new athletes. More than half of the freshman team consists of players who are not familiar with the sport. In addition, this year a new coach, Coach Spinner, started with the varsity team.

Compared to last year’s girls spring lacrosse team, this year’s team is adjusting to the basics of the game. Last year’s team was strong, but in 2013, the team has a record of one win and three loses. However, the team does seem to be getting stronger and more aware of strategy and skill. The improvement has been great so far.

“I think we have a lot of potential as a fresh, new team, and we can still definitely make a major comeback,” says lacrosse player Jess Fitts.

In addition to the new players on the team, the season going full swing, the girls lacrosse Senior Night is also coming up in a few months. Senior Night honors the seniors going off to college. This banquet is uplifting for all THS sports teams, since the seniors are leaving and are being appreciated at that time. Junior Varsity and Freshmen teams are preparing for now.

All in all, the 2013 girls lacrosse team has been improving daily. With the daily support of the staff, coaches, and parents, the team is receiving the practice and discipline needed for a successful season.

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