Autumn Adventures

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By Vanessa Kenealy ‘13

As the weather turns colder, Trumbull High School students come together to watch football games and share memories with family and friends. The fall season brings the changing colors of  leaves and many events at the school and in the community.

Alexis Coppola, a senior at THS know that with the arrival of colder weather, there are a variety of school and family activities in store. Said Alexis, “There is so much to do because you are able to go apple picking with family and friends, which brings everyone together.” Fall is not only a preparation for the arrival of winter; it is also a time when family and friends come together for activities.

“The best part of fall is the chance to have hot apple cider because it tastes so good and makes you feel all warm inside. The only equivalent of hot apple cider I can think of is hot chocolate in the winter time,” says Amy Griswold, another senior at THS.

A great local venue for apple cider is Plakso’s farm, a Trumbull staple. Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm, many students attempt the corn maze, believed to be the first of its kind in Fairfield County, with family members and friends. In addition to the maze, the country store sells apple cider donuts and pumpkin ice cream. After filling up on cider and donuts, students look forward to Halloween. Halloween brings costumes, people scaring each other for laughs and jokes, and enormous, rounded, orange colored pumpkins lined in rows.

Jossy Layedra, a senior recalls, “I remember the time my best friend invited me to her house to carve a pumpkin. I had never done it before and I was so excited because it sounded like fun, the way she described it. When I got there, there was newspaper covering the top of the large dining room table and the gooey insides of the pumpkins laid across the table. It looked like a mess when I first saw the carvings.” But once the candles were inside the pumpkin, the pumpkin’s magic comes to life. It is exciting to watch how creative and intricate some of the most advanced pumpkin designs are.

“Its not about how hard the design is, its about how much fun you have carving the pumpkin and the satisfaction you get when your done and you place that candle in the middle of the pumpkin and comes out the way you wanted it to,” says Amy Griswold.

Thanksgiving and the ever anticipated, Cotillion arrive soon quickly after Halloween. These two events bring students and family together in their own ways. “Thanksgiving brings family together around a huge table for great food and family time and Cotillion brings the junior and senior class together for a great time and wonderful music as students wear semi-formal outfits,” says Jossy Layedra.

Throughout all this, Trumbull High School also has some great sports, which includes its soccer and football teams. “It’s the best feeling when you hear and see students and parents come to the games to support you in your home games because you know that they came down to see you. For me, this only makes me play harder in a game to make sure that we win that home game for the fans,” says Taylor Pratcher, a senior and varsity soccer player.

There is also the most talked about sport, football! “I love it when we have black out games and you just walk onto the field and see which fans are for Trumbull High because they are wearing all black to supports us,” says Jalaam Robinson, a varsity football player.

Trumbull works hard to brings family and friends together through activities at local farms and school events, which include cotillion and sports games. So, let’s all fall into fall.

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