Now Trending in Fashion: Color, Color and More Color

spring-fashionKristina Vetter ’16
EE Staff Writer

Spring and summer trends are what girls wait for. This year’s trends are ranging from the popular patterned shorts to fringed bikini tops perfect for the beach. Lightweight skirts and sundresses are great as the days grow hotter and hotter, while cropped pants are perfect for cloudier weather. Although fashion may seem like it’s only for girls, guys can get in on the new trends too. The popular boat shoe brand Sperry is very fashionable and comfortable even if you don’t plan on driving a boat any time soon.

According to Seventeen Magazine, bright, bold outfits are in as well as neon colors. These outfits do not need much accesorizing because they bring a personality all of their own. If you’re not into crazy colored outfits, lighter pastel colors will always be pretty and you can spice them up by adding a colorful necklace or handbag.

Freshman Julia Vitali loves the new colorful trends. She said, “Colored pants and Sperrys are perfect and make a really cute outfit.”

“Colored pants are the perfect way to brighten up an outfit after wearing dull sweaters and scarves for the past four months,” said freshman Morgan Regent. This new trend has been seen all over Trumbull High and helps to make the hallways much more colorful and cheerful.

For guys, this spring is all about stripes and lightweight baseball style jackets. If you are a confident guy, neon colors look great but if you are nervous about the bold trend, you can try looking put together. Men are trending away from the sweatpants and sweatshirts and looking more towards their boat shoes and colored shorts.

So this spring, pack up your browns and blacks and pull out your pinks, greens and yellows. You may feel like you stand out at first, but will soon realize this year is all about not blending in and coloring the streets with your wardrobe.

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