Summer Movie Preview

By Noah Levy ’13
Managing Editor

One of the hardest things in the world (For me at least) is to go a long time without going to the movies. Unfortunately, the first four months of 2013 have not been very fruitful for avid film-goers, failing to live up to the amazing output of 2012 and delivering movies ranging from disappointing (A Good Day To Die Hard), to good (Oz), bombs, (Jack The Giant Slayer) and just outright bad (The Host). Thankfully, this Summer is going to make the past four months of junk worth it. We have already been given Iron Man 3, The Great Gatsby, and Star Trek Into Darkness, but what do the next few weeks have in store?

Man Of Steel
How do you revive arguably the most iconic American character of all time for a post Dark Knight, post Avengers movie going crowd? That was the task facing Director Zack Snyder (300) and Producer Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight). After 2006’s Superman Returns did not prove to be… well, super, the Superman franchise took a backseat for a while. In that time, the superhero movie genre has grown exponentially, and it was finally time for Superman to step back into the limelight. Starting fresh and bearing no connection to the previous films, Man Of Steel tells the origin story of Kal-El, the only survivor of the doomed planet Krypton. On Earth, he adopts the identity of Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and encounters a girl named Lois Lane (Amy Adams) and a Kryptonian madman named Zod (Michael Shannon). Man of Steel is possibly the most anticipated and risky film of the Summer, but being in the hands of Snyder and Nolan means it could turn out… super.

Monsters University
Pixar’s recent bout of sequelitis evolves into prequelitis with this prequel to its beloved 2001 film Monsters Inc. Set ten years before the original, the movie focuses on the early relationship and college years of Mike Wazowski and James P. Sullivan (Billy Crystal and John Goodman respectively) and how they were not always the best of friends. Despite the fact that the entire premise for the film is in itself a plot hole, Monsters University will hopefully turn out well for Pixar, whose creative energy seems to have declined in the past couple of years.

The Hangover Part III
Before you run off and complain, let me just say something: This is different than Hangover 1 and 2. For one, they don’t even seem to get hungover. Still, making a second sequel for a franchise where the same thing happened in the first two movies is a risky and possibly dumb move. But so far, things look promising for the final part of the Hangover trilogy. This time, The Wolfpack (Ed Helms, Bradley Cooper, Zach Galifianakis) manage to get tangled in another struggle involving the ridiculous Mr. Chow (Ken Jeong) and once again, Doug (Justin Bartha) gets taken. They travel to Tijuana and even return to Las Vegas for one last time.

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