Vans Warped Tour Summer 2013

VanPaulina Howard ’15
EE Staff Writer

The school year is coming to a close, and the glimmer of hope known as summer is finally in full view. No longer are students immersed in WWII lectures, or care about long mathematical equations. The thoughts of beaches, carefree nights, and more importantly, summer concerts are what clouds students minds by around mid-May towards the end of the school year. Perfectly for students, Connecticut is hosting a legendary concert this summer in the Comcast Theatre in Hartford on July 14th, 2013 from 11 am to 9 pm. The Vans Warped Tour.

Every year since 1995, the skateboard shoe manufacturer, and all around famous brand, Vans, has sponsored this music and sports festival. Stationed in venues or parking lots, this tour showcases a large variety of artists and genres of music; something for everyone.

Each performance showcases 100 bands, each playing for thirty minute intervals, with more than a few bands playing at the same time. Stages are spread out over the venue, and a huge board is placed in the middle of it all, listing all the information that one would need to know when searching for their favorite band.

The genres of the bands all range from EDM, hardcore punk, pop, rock, indie, rap, acoustic, alternative, metal, folk, electronic, and reggae. There is certainly something in it for everyone. Also, different bands will be performing at the same time, so one is not stuck for the half hour that each band has to perform watching a band that they don’t like. The best known band of the concerts will be popular 3OH!3. Other lesser known bands and singers will be performing as well, such as, Charlie Simpson, Citizen, Man Overboard, TheCityShakeUp, and Young London.

Continually, each band sets up a booth somewhere in the venue, selling their merchandise and albums. Perfect for the fans, because one can choose between all the different artists’ albums, or just buy the Vans official Warped Tour 2013 album. The Tour takes on a flea-market festival vibe seeing all the tents of merchandise and the tents with food. A great way to decompress from a tough year of school.

However, do not forget what Vans is famous for: skateboarding. Along with the music for the day, a half pipe of the hardcore skaters and bikers. What’s better than listening to awesome music and shredding some grinds or ollies on the half pipe? At the same time? Nothing better.

The Vans Warped Tour is a great event to help students sludge through the rest of the school years and have something to look forward to. The Vans Warped Tour is an event that brings together music lovers alike, and everyone leaves excited for next year’s concert year after year. It is a must to kick start the summer of 2013!

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