Wallflowers Step Out in Floral Patterns

flowersMartha Hegley ‘16
EE Staff Writer

In this year’s new fashion collections, floral patterns are the latest trend on and off the runway. When spring and summer role around, one of the first things that come to mind are flowers. Flowers are a sure sign that warm weather and longer days are headed our way. Flowers also represent beauty and love. Each one is unique in a sense that all of them are special and stunning.

Many designers have found a way to capture that beauty and individuality in fashion today and make a statement.

There are numerous different ways to incorporate floral designs in today’s collections. One that really stands out is the three dimensional effect. Pieces of different colored fabrics are shaped to look like roses and tulips, giving life to any outfit. These faux flowers are most commonly made of lace, acquiring a delicate elegance to them. The flowers have been found on many wedding dresses in recent collections and have been the talk of the runway in collections from Chanel, Dolce & Gabbana, Michael Kors, and Carolina Herrera. This has blossomed into our everyday fashion as well in stores like Forever 21 and Delia’s.

Another way that floral designs are incorporated is through accessories. Handbags, rings, and even shoes carry floral patterns. This is a great way to add a pop of decoration to an otherwise bland outfit, and it is a wonderful way to include the floral trend that is sweeping the fashion nation. Some of the runway looks are very over the top, but if that is not your forte, accessories are great ways to play flowers up in subtle amounts. Department stores and warehouses jumped on board with this trend last year, and it has sparked an interest of many high schools fashion gurus. On almost every beauty YouTube channel, your will see these floral bags, bracelets and even nail designs.

One last floral rage is wearing the trend in black and white. This has been incoming within the new fashion lines across the style business. Black and white provides simplicity to an outfit, without many loud colors. By using the black and white/floral collaboration, it unites the movement without distracting from the rest of an outfit. Also, by using floral in this manner, it lets people use their imaginations. It lets them visualize the potential colors of the flowers, sparking interest in clothing.

Overall, the floral flair is the talk of the town. It brings out the individuality in all of us, and while it stereotypically leans toward the “girly girl” there are now flower-patterned styles for every young woman.

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