What is the THeSpian Society?

Robin Wyckoff ‘15
Gabby Tropp ‘16
EE Staff Writer

On May 1st 2013, 31 Trumbull High students were formally inducted into the International Thespian Society. This honor is granted to students who excel in theatre and dedicate countless hours to doing what they love. This year many more students were inducted than there have been in past years. The troupe director, Mrs. Spillane, mentioned in a speech how impressive it was that even freshmen built up enough points to be inducted.

The International Thespian Society has been inducting members since 1929. It’s an organization meant to honor students for their extraordinary achievements in their high school theatre programs. Trumbull High’s started the THeSpians in 2011, and the seniors that year were the first to graduate with Thespian honors chords around their necks. Since then there have been two inductions into the order for the THS troupe, number 7617. In order to inducted, thespians must have ten points which they can earn from participating in theatre anywhere, but five must be from THS.

Two members of the group are going to Western Connecticut State University to pursue theatre this fall, and they say that the Thespian Society has been a great addition to THS.

Alex Allyn has been involved in theatre at Trumbull High since her freshman year, and she says, “The Thespian Society has given the school a bigger presence of drama that we desperately needed. Drama is becoming the new football of Trumbull High.”

“The Thespian Society encourages us to put our best foot forward, and eventually become one large family. It provides a friendly outlet that allows the members to not only grow as people but find out who they truly are. It’s doing what we love with the people we love,” says Matt Johnson who went to RCA until his junior year and was the star of the musical this March. Clearly, the Thespian Society has a positive and lasting effect on its members. These departing seniors are leaving behind an amazing group of students to carry on the THeSpian legacy.

The best part is you don’t need to perform to be inducted. One of the current officers hasn’t been on stage in a single musical. Instead, she is on stage crew. There are many ways to get involved all of which can get you into this second family and wondering why you didn’t get there sooner.

And it isn’t all about doing it yourself, either. Recently the THespians took a field trip to see Jersey Boys on Broadway. The 40 students were able to see an amazing play and go out to dinner in New York City as an enriching thespian experience. Jersey Boys, playing in the August Wilson theatre, is directed by Des McAnuff with choreography by Sergio Trujillo, and music direction by Ron Melrose. Jersey Boys tells the story of Francesco Castelluccio and his friends, better known as Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons. Frankie was played by John Lloyd Young, Bob Gaudio was played by Drew Gehling, Tommy DeVito was played by Andy Karl, and lastly Nick DeVito was played by Miles Aubrey.

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