Current Editors Say Goodbye

Vishakha Negi ‘13
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

I’m stuck.

What should I say other than “I loved layout nights this year (though Andrew wasn’t there to singlehandedly eat all the pizza)”?

How do I avoid saying, “I never thought, when PK first introduced me to InDesign back in freshman year, that three years later I would be working with Noah and Logan on the college map”?

The past has been wonderful, but as Oscar Wilde once said, “No man is ever rich enought to buy back his past.” So we look forth.

I hope that the online newspaper becomes more popular and a place where students can voice informed opinions and share ideas. School newspapers are endearing institutions. But they remind all of us that we fall under the same school mascot and have the right to speak up regardless of others. I hope that students realize that if they don’t like something, they can always send a submission to the newspaper that would happily be published. The paper is not about a select group of students writing at the school. It is a paper by the school, for the school. Let’s keep that essence.

Logan Ratick ‘13
EE Co-Editor-in-Chief

From the day I set foot into Trumbull High School as a freshman, I have been deeply involved with The Eagles’ Eye. It’s pretty strange to think that my time at THS is coming to a close, as are my days as a member of this paper’s editorial staff.

For my first three years, I wrote sports articles and eventually became the Senior Sports Editor. Under my watch, the sports section saw a transformation from national stories that you could find on ESPN or in any major newspaper, to articles pertaining to Trumbull High School athletics.

This year as co-Editor-in-Chief, The Eagle’s Eye has seen a greater change: the move to an online publication. If you are an avid reader of our paper, you will realize that this is the first print edition of the year. Switching over to an online setting has allowed us to keep the THS community up-to-date on the happenings around our “campus,” as opposed to having outdated stories in our monthly issues. Our website has received over 65,000 hits in its inaugural year.

The Eagle’s Eye will continue to be in good hands next year. If you are looking for an elective for next year, take Journalism and write articles about topics you care about. I hope to see this paper progress in a positive direction as the years go by.

Noah Levy ‘13
EE Mangaging Editor

Well, this is the end beautiful friends. When I walked into Trumbull High School
in September 2009, I didn’t think my journey would be closing the way it is. I also didn’t expect The Eagles Eye to factor in it this much.

But our tiny little underground newspaper has given me more than I ever expected, from a place to vent about the entertainment industry, to getting an inside look at what goes on in this place we call High School. I didn’t know Journalism could be this fun, and I hope that all the time I’ve spent on InDesign comes in handy in the future.

I also never thought that we would be able to successfully transitionfrom print to online, and I loved proving myself wrong on that front. Thanks to everyone that’s been with me through my rise through this paper, especially to Mrs. Acerbo, and Vishaka and Logan for doing the things I forgot. Good luck to everyone in the coming years, I can’t wait to see what The Eagles Eye evolves into next.

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