New Editors Say Hello

Kevin Pacelli ‘14
EE Entertainment Editor

As I’m apprehensively looking forward to the excitement and emotions of being a senior, I am more than eager to begin my final year as a member of The Eagle’s Eye staff. My responsibilities will be greater as Co-Editor in Chief, but I am ready to fully embrace them and do what I can to maintain (and hopefully improve) the quality of the newspaper.

While I am looking forward to the production of good newspaper issues next year, I am most excited about further utilizing the technology that is available. The creation of the website, which has over 65,000 views in less than a year, has undoubtedly been a success, and I can’t wait to see how our digital presence will continue to expand.

The world of social media has so much to offer when it comes to digital journalism, and I’m hoping that the use of sites like Facebook and Twitter can help the paper in the future.

The Eagle’s Eye staff already has big plans in the works for next year, and we are all very excited to get started again in September.

Jesse Rubinstein ‘14
EE Sports Editor

Saying that I am overjoyed to serve as the Managing Editor of The Eagles Eye Newspaper for the 2013-2014 school year is an understatement. It is hard to believe that coming up will be my last year on the newspaper, nonetheless serving for this high and honorable position. I guarantee that this upcoming year will be fun, especially with some interesting articles to take a look at.

This was the first year we ever had the newspaper online. The Eagles Eye staff believes that more people will see the newspaper, now that it has a URL. This is most likely true since our society is modernizing rapidly, with the decline of print journalism.

Hopefully the website will bring infinite success to the paper, as it has started to do with over 65,000 hits so far this year!

I would like to double this number while bringing many new viewers to the site. I am very excited to start these realistic plans in Septemeber, but I would like to thank the seniors for all of their hard work and dedication. You guys have inspired me to where I am today.

Jack Zhang ‘14
EE News Editor

In a world that seems to be moving faster than ever, the thing that remains in our mind is the stories. Being able to hear and write about these amazing stories has been one of the greatest honors.

After joining the newspaper freshman year, I was astounded by the close-kinit community that could just as easily debate the best flavor of pizza (hawaiian, clearly) as they could work together on deadline nights.

As Co-Editor in Chief next year, I hope to foster that same sense of community. In the most recent issue, I was really proud of how everyone stepped up to get it done.

This year has gone by so quickly, from the failed attempt to change the name to iEagle (get it, instead of Eagle’s Eye?) to those moments of pure bliss working with my fellow editors. I will miss the graduating seniors next year also, but perhaps one of the most important people I will miss is Ms. Acerbo, who will be leaving newspaper next year. (though I have the feeling she will be right around the corner).

Looking to next year, I can certainly say that we will make The Eagle’s Eye more interactive. With the online website and the contributions of the editors, the possibilities are limitless.

Brittney Kubicko ‘15
EE Features Editor

If you asked me two years ago about my status on The Eagle’s Eye, I wouldn’t know that I would become co-Managing Editor going into my junior year. I remember at the beginning of the year I was going to quit working for The Eagle’s Eye because I wasn’t enjoying it, but I’m glad I stayed on for this long to achieve this position.

My name is Brittany Kubicko, and I am one of the Managing Editors for the 2013-2014 Eagle’s Eye. As I mentioned above, I am going into my junior year at Trumbull High, which makes me the youngest out of the Core Four and the only girl.

It is probably going to be challenging working with three guys that are all older than me, but I’m ready for anything that is thrown at me. As a Staff Writer freshman year and Senior Features Editor sophomore year, I’ve learned that being involved in journalism can be fun. Sure, it can be hard at times, trying to meet deadlines and making sure that pages are complete, but it is so worth it in the end.

Over the summer, I will be participating at the National Student Leadership Conference for Journalism, Film and Media Arts at American University. I hope that I can bring back some important lessons and tips from the conference. I can’t wait to work with everyone, especially with the rest of the Core Four!

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