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Paulina Howard ‘15
EE Staff Writer

It is lunchtime, and the growling of your stomach becomes an unbearable pit; an angry bear. Anything would satisfy your hunger, but of course, nothing is better than a home-cooked meal. Unfortunately, the soccer game that is in an hour does not allow the needed time to cook a decent meal. Stuck with no other options than to eat out, McDonald’s and other fast food “restaurants” (if you even want to call them that) dominate the Tri State area. Where else could one quickly get a home-cooked meal that tastes amazing, exudes the comforts of home, and tames the wild beast of an appetite inside? Readers, look no further than Trumbull’s backyard, Soup Thyme is the best place in the world to please every craving that one could possibly have!

Located at 450 Monroe Tmpk., Monroe, CT 06468, Soup Thyme is home to legendary paninis and soups in Southern Connecticut. Owned by professional chef Ronald Lee, Soup Thyme was established in 2005, and it has prospered tremendously since the beginning.

Living up to its name, Soup Thyme has a wide variety of soups every day. All freshly made in the morning. With close to fifteen different soups a day, they are all sold in three different sizes to choose from: small, large, or family. The smallest size is the perfect amount of soup, without leaving one to feel too bloated, and it could also work along with the daily special, ½ of a panini of one’s choice and a small soup. The special is in total $6.75, and this special runs daily. The small soups by themselves are $3.00, while the large is $5.50, and the family is $11.00. There are so many sizes to fit one’s needs for any occasion.

A cult favorite includes the Chicken Pot Pie soup which is a thick and indulgent soup for those days where one just needs a warm hug on the inside. Perfect for the crisp fall lunches or mid-winter blues. Chunks of chicken are mixed with hearty carrots, celery, and peas; topped with a generous piece of pie crust. Makes the mouth water already.

“I love the chicken pot pie soup…it is just like chicken pot pie, “ says sophomore Daniel Netting accurately describing the soup.
Another favorite soup would be for the more health-conscious customers, the butternut squash soup. Iconic not only in its deep burnt orange color, the butternut squash soup is famous for its nutty and sweet taste. Thick, but not a fattening thick, this soup is perfect for the vegetarians in the family and the waist watchers.

Of course, it is impossible to forget paninis. With close to twenty-five different “Thyme” themed panini combinations posted on cute chalkboards on the wall, there is certainly a sandwich for everyone. Customers are able to choose any panini on the wall, but they are not limited to just those. The employees are more than willing to make any alterations to the set sandwiches themselves or to cater to one’s own creation as well.
One of the most popular paninis has to be the Thyme Pleaser, which seems so basic, but is famous in itself. Picture gooey cheddar cheese encasing savory grilled chicken, with crisp bacon coated in the perfect amount of mayo, topped with the ripest of tomatoes and fresh lettuce, with the perfect grill lines, toasting the fresh italian bread into a golden crisp.

Not all paninis have to have meat on them. The Thyme Machine, Thyme Capsule, Thyme Saver, and Thyme Will Tell all are completely vegetarian and extremely good. These sandwiches range with a variety of grilled veggies such as portobello, eggplant, zucchini, and squash. Obviously, there is no fattening mayo on these sandwiches. Nutty pesto or rich balsamic glaze top them, and they are certainly the perfect touch to a five star panini.

Of course, delectable paninis and soup is not the end of what Soup Thyme has to offer it’s customers. A wide variety of macaroni salads, chicken salads, garden salads, and tunas are all made fresh daily as well. From Apple Walnut Chicken Salad, to Cranberry Apple Tuna, Rainbow Salad, Fruit salad, and Tortellini, there is surely something to please everyone.

“I think that [Soup Thyme] is great, I think that the people behind the counter are really friendly and really know how to make the food. They have appealing products that all the residents in Trumbull and [surrounding towns] go to time and time again,” says sophomore Anthony Masi.

All in all, Soup Thyme is the place to go for warm, healthy, and simply amazing food. It certainly earns a well deserved five out of five stars. Please visit to see an entire list of all of the paninis, soups and salads for further information and details.

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