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THS Principal Marc GuarinoKevin Pacelli ’14
EE Co Editor-in-Chief

As the new principal of Trumbull High School, Mr. Marc Guarino can clearly see that this school year will be different for everyone in the THS community. With the Bring Your Own Device Policy in effect, construction coming to a close, and a new man in the main office, it will certainly take some adjusting before everyone is perfectly settled in. Mr. Guarino knows that his new role in a changing environment is not a simple one, but he is ready to take on its challenges and rewards.

“I will tell you…I was impressed, a bit overwhelmed, just at seeing the size of the facility,” said Mr. Guarino, when asked about his first impressions of the school. “As I came in the building I said, ‘This is a little bit different.’”

This is not a surprising reaction; it is expected that anyone would feel similarly upon walking into a school as big as THS for the first time. Fortunately, though, he is more than qualified to be leading such a large group of students and staff to success.

Mr. Guarino graduated from Stonehill College in 1993 having studied History and Social Studies in Secondary Education, before earning his master’s degree at Sacred Heart University. His experience prior to THS consisted of work at Guilford High School, where he was a social studies teacher (and department chair) and later assistant principal.

“That job prepared me…to be able to take on a comprehensive high school, to be able to understand the diverse programs that a comprehensive high school like Trumbull High School provides,” said Mr. Guarino.

Not only is he prepared to fill such an important role at THS, but he is more than enthusiastic to do so. When applying for the position, Mr. Guarino found that the atmosphere of Trumbull High is very similar in many ways to his previous work setting. According to Guarino, both THS and Guilford High School demonstrate high academic expectations and a strong overall community. The community in particular impressed him during his initial visit.

“The first thing I saw was the marching band, and what I saw was 150 kids out there practicing. Kids were playing, there were adults who were working with kids,” said Mr. Guarino. “This is incredible. This is exactly the type of school environment that I want to be around.”

Mr. Guarino knows that he is going to need a lot of help from the staff and students of THS in order to become fully acquainted with the school, but he takes no shame in that.

“I pride myself on this idea that we’re all lifelong learners, that everyday we’re going to learn something new,” said Mr. Guarino. “And I’m okay with asking questions to anybody in this school, including kids.”

It will take time for Mr. Guarino to adjust to his new position and environment, just as it will take time for the THS students to settle into their changing school. With change comes opportunity, though, and students, staff, and the new principal alike are ready for what this school year has to offer.


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