Fall is Stress Season for THS Seniors

Michelle Hesse
EE Staff Writer

The fall season at Trumbull High School is one of the most exciting times, when students are most spirited about their school as they watch the football, soccer, and field hockey games. However, for seniors, fall is the most stressful and confusing time of their year as they start filling out applications and applying to schools. The application process can be confusing and unclear to a lot of students, since it takes a lot of research to find out all the different due dates. It is hard to pick a time to start this process, and determine when it is finished.

The common app is familiar to seniors, but some students are already done, and some have not even made the account. This is the time where we start making our own decisions and acting on them. Everyone is in a different place in this process, so do not be worried if you are ahead or behind someone else.

How do our parents and guidance counselors expect us to narrow down a list, when we have hundreds of college emails that all say “We want you!”? How do our teachers expect us to do all of our homework and ace our tests, when we have to plan out the next 4+ years of our lives in just a few months? Too many people are expecting too many things, and that is what is stressing out our senior class.

Amanda Griswold, THS senior, is in the same place as many seniors who have not started their applications yet. “I really haven’t gotten a lot of things done”, she stated. I never knew exactly how to go about starting, and neither did my parents, so we hired a college navigator to help me.”

College navigators are very common lately to help students throughout the application procedures, but for those who cannot afford to hire one or deem it unnecessary, they have to make the effort to find out what needs to be done and when.

For others, their families are very involved with helping choose colleges, so they are ahead of everyone else in the process, and getting things done sooner. Snigdha Wadwha is one of a few who have everything almost wrapped up.

“I have my common app and essay done. My parents were very involved in the process and motivated me to get it done because my brother had to go through this a few years ago, and he did everything last minute. I was really stressed about the applications but I’m glad it’s out of the way now.”

Although putting it off is easy, those who do it are just going to have to rush their applications, jeopardizing the quality of their work. They will also be the ones most stressed during the fall, and at home working instead of going to all the fall games. It is recommended to just get it out of the way, and make an appointment with your guidance counselor or talk to your parents to help. Whether just starting our finished, this is the most important time for seniors and should be taken seriously, not rushed. Good luck!

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