Beauty Behind a Camera

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Senior News Editor

Have you ever wanted to learn about true photography with others? For years, students at Trumbull High have wanted a photography club. This year many of these wishes have come true. Mr. Bracksieck and his senior advisers Sydney Sheehan, Lauren Jacobson, and Lauren Squires have put together Trumbull High’s first photography club.

The club is designed to help all types of photographers. Beginning photographers and advanced photographers alike can learn new information, tips, and ideas. The club meets twice a month usually on Wednesdays.

When Trumbull High students first heard of the club, they rushed to room B2 after school to find out more. The first meeting was packed full of enthusiastic photographers. Students were able to go to the Media Center and take their own photos.

Emma Hopwood, a sophomore at Trumbull High, loves the club. “It really made me want to improve my photography. It’s good to have a club like this to keep your artistic side motivated. I’m really glad a lot of people went and hope to know these fellow photographers better,” she said.

“I expect my other photographers to not only learn how to photograph well but be able to teach others what I have taught them and be proud of what they can produce,” said Lauren Squires when asked about the club. Sydney Sheehan, senior, also stated, “I feel like everyone really wants to be involved and wants to learn more about photography.”

Join Facebook to keep up with the club. The main page is called “Trumbull High School Photography Club” and a closed group is called “THS Photography.” You can share with others of your photos, links to your Flickr account, or even just converse ideas to each other. There will always be a few people who will give constructive criticism or compliments.

The entire photography community welcomes all types of photographers, so pick up your camera, snap away, and share with others. It’s amazing what everyone can learn through a club.

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