Veteran’s Day: A Day to Remember

Smantha Marzulli ’14
EE Staff Writer

A day of remembrance comes around every year, as people all over the world thank the veterans who have served our country. Each year Trumbull High School files seniors into the school’s auditorium to sit in on an assembly and thank the veterans who have made our country the way it is today.
Trumbull High School has been running this assembly for 11 years, and each year veterans from all branches of the military come to speak to our seniors.
When surveying what people would like to see changed in the assembly, Trumbull High teacher Charles Anderson had little to say.
“I thought they did a great job,” said Anderson. “They had a question and answer portion and a couple of speeches.”
Last year, Class of 2013 senior Joey Kryszczynski spoke at the assembly; he is now training to be in the National Guard.
Anderson was in the National Guard for 26 years. He is named Colonel Charles Anderson, but students at THS call him by the name of coach or Mr. Anderson, since he is a gym teacher and the coach of the wrestling team. Mr. Anderson is from a long line of veterans starting with his grandparents in World War II and the Korean War. More recently, his father and step-father served in Vietnam. His younger brother was also serving in Iraq while he was serving in Afghanistan. On top of telling the students what it means to be a veteran last year, Mr. Anderson joked about his times in basic training, which filled the entire room with laughter.
“When I see those who were before me, standing by me in uniform, there’s that extra bit of respect,” said Anderson.
Mr. Anderson received a standing ovation from the entire audience after his speech.
Veterans arrived at Trumbull High to be recognized and thanked for all they have done for us. A prayer was said for the ones who lost their lives and for the veterans who have served us.
“It was nice. There was a good mix of students there too,” said Anderson, when asked what he liked about the assembly. “All the veterans were in attendance from World War II, Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq.”
This Veterans Day, Trumbull High School will have an assembly that will include both decorated war heroes and the senior class of 2014. For the first time in their academic careers the senior class will get to witness what Veterans Day means to Trumbull High School. However, this year there will be a twist to the usual Veteran’s Day celebrations. THS will now involve all grades in this beautiful commemoration. A special video will be broadcast to all grades throughout the school day. This will involve the entire school and not just the seniors as it use to be. Once again, Trumbull High School will be displaying its gratitude to those who sacrificed so much for the well being of our country.

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