November: a Time to be Thankful

Gabrielle Joachim ’14
EE Staff Writer
With November comes Thanksgiving, a time to be thankful, but materialistic objects like your iPhone and latest additions to your wardrobe are not the only things to be thankful for. Veterans all over the U.S. are not being thanked for risking their lives for Americans. It is understandable that many do not know how to thank a veteran. It may be an uncomfortable or difficult experience for some, but this does not mean that we can ignore it. Here are five simple ways you can thank veterans!
It is extremely easy to write and send an eCard to a veteran using, a website designed specifically for thanking a veteran or service member.
Former veteran Wallace Solves states, “A simple thank you or a smile makes me feel like people are grateful for me. I know that I did good for my country and I just want them to appreciate it.”
All it takes is five minutes out of your day to type a card and hit send.
I bet you were not aware that Papa John’s is in partnership with the United Service Organization in support of America’s military and their families. Papa John’s will donate $1 for every online order on 11-11-11, between 11am and 11pm.
Senior Sasha Krantz, who joins in the pizza party every year, says, “Who doesn’t like pizza? It’s such an easy way to give thanks to veterans and it makes you feel good. I’m eating for a good reason.”
After Halloween there are always those unwanted candies that just sit in the pumpkin candy bowl. Instead of bribing teachers with them, mail candy to veterans so they can enjoy a part of the fun!
How about some fall cleaning? Clean out last year’s wardrobe and donate lightly used household goods to Vietnam Veterans of America.  Some of them do not have enough money for simple objects that you have, but they would certainly appreciate them.
Attend a parade near you! Naugatuck hosts a Veterans Day Parade featuring over 250 marchers and bands. It begins at 2:00 P.M. and is free!
Senior Gillian Garfinkel is continuing her family’s annual participation in the parade this year .
“Thanking veterans is fun and easy,” says Garfinkel. “I don’t have to personally thank them, but just being surrounded by the community on this day makes me feel like I have done a little something on Veterans Day.”
These simple tasks can make a veteran’s day and show that they are appreciated. This Veterans Day, make sure that you are not only thankful for your iPhone 5; take a couple minutes out of your busy schedule and thank a veteran!

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