iPhone 5c: Bust or Breakthrough?

Sydney Sirkin ’17
EE Staff Writer

The iPhone 5c has many great qualities like Siri, fun colors and 4G networking. Unfortunately, these great features are unknown not only to many students at Trumbull High, but to many people on the market for a new phone as well. What could have caused the iPhone 5c to get such a bad reputation?
“The iPhone 5c is cheap looking. It looks as if it could break very easily,” says 9th grader Kiki Yalamanchili.
In fact, according to a survey conducted at THs, 3 out of 5 students believe the 5c is a terrible phone.
“Apple is downgrading fast. They think they can make a cheap plastic phone and people will actually buy it,” stated Ajshe Zulfi .
Moreover, the price may be another factor that contribues to the iPhone 5c’s negative reputation. Although the iPhone 5c is a comparably cheaper price than most iPhones, it may not prove to be the best investment.
“It seems like a waste of money to me,” Amanda DeLucia says.
Nevertheless, according to the official apple website, the 5c has the exact same features as the 5, including Siri and flawless internet connection. Some owners agree with these statistics. They claim the iPhone is great considering its high functionality and its fun colors.
“It is made of a strong plastic so it’s cheaper. It also comes in 5 colors which is cool because this is the first time apple has made colorful iPhones,” says junior Brittany Kubicko.
However, even out of the people who like the 5c, half of them said they would never buy one. Some students argue that the colors are even a useless gimmick.
“My cases would just cover up the colors on the 5c. I don’t want to spend money on a new phone when you can’t even see the colors,” comments sophomore Matt Buckwald replies.
Conversely, this is not entirely true. Apple has decided to make specially designed cases that display the iPhone 5c color and keep it safe. Meanwhile, other students state that they would rather just keep their current phones than take a chance with the 5c.
Of course, there are always flaws in the 5c. For example, it is heavier than most iPhones, weighing at 4.65 ounces, while the 5 is a light 3.95 ounces.
Owner of the phone Gabby Tropp says, “It dies really quickly.”
Meanwhile, the 5c’s pros outweigh the cons by a great deal. Its technology is just as good as the 5, with an improved camera, 4G networking, and a slimmer design. Furthermore, its fun colors, (white, blue, green, red and yellow) makes it more pleasing to look at, while it’s easy to hold and has a vibrant display. In addition, the ios7 looks great and comfortable on this model.
The iPhone 5c forms a new approach for apple. Its features make it an amazing iPhone, but people who want the next generation iPhone will be greatly let down. Having said that, the 5c only costs $99 with a 2-year contract, while the 5s is a monumental $199. Only a few will make the jump to the ultra-expensive iPhone 5s, making the 5c the way to go. iPhone 5c, for the colorful.

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