Is There Enough Respect for Our Heroes?

Katie Herndon ’14
EE Staff Writer

There is much controversy over whether or not we should have school on Veterans Day. Students constantly complain, “other schools get the day off, why don’t we?” However, the schools counter that if we did not have school, students would not be remembering these veterans on this day. Yet, we do not end up acknowledging them in the classroom setting anyway.
Our neighboring town, Stratford, does a bit more than Trumbull. According to the Stratford Patch, this year the town of Stratford will not be attending school and there will be an event to remember and acknowledge veterans. The town will be hosting an Appreciation and Resource Event where all are welcome with a free continental breakfast and lunch included. Upon being told this information, Trumbull High senior Alexa Ruff stated, “I wish we did more stuff like that. It would be nice if we could recognize the veterans more in our town.”
Although Trumbull does have an assembly, only about 30% of Trumbull residents attend, 15% of which are veterans themselves. Stratford’s idea for a banquet and breakfast is much more inviting and is getting more of a response than Trumbull’s events.
Looking further south, we see that Miami, Florida, does even more. On Veterans Day they have a parade right on the beach.Prior to that, they hold a ceremony for all the veterans to salute them further. Petty Officer Carlos Suaraz of Miami states, “It’s all about those who have gone before us that have laid down the foundation for our freedoms and those that are serving right now overseas and those who are coming in the future.”
The attendance for this event is through the roof. More than half the city shows up to display their upmost support.
Miami does a great job in showing honor and support for these veterans, and also makes it a fun way for everyone to get together. Not only are the veterans being recognized by almost the entire city but there is also fun music and good food, and everyone is able to have a good time at the parade and ceremony.
THS senior Sara Robaczynski states, “If we had a more fun and entertaining way of recognizing our veterans on Veterans Day I think more people would show up and show their support. We don’t really do much and I think a parade and ceremony would be a good way to get the town to show their support together, and allow everyone to have fun too.”
Trumbull does do a satisfactory job in recognizing our veterans on Veterans Day, but compared to other towns around us and in the U.S, we could be doing so much more.

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