A Place For the THS Student Body to Unite

By Alexa Bello

Whether it is to work on homework or just hang out with friends, all THS students will agree that without the library, the school would not be the same. Trumbull High’s Media Center serves as a place for all students, both underclassmen and upperclassmen, to meet. It gives our student body not only a place to study and catch up on assignments, but a place to take a break during the busy school day to catch up socially as well.

When asked her opinion on the school library, sophomore Grace Iglesias stated, “I think the library is great. It’s so convenient to have it there whenever you need it. Sometimes I won’t have enough time to print something out at night at home so I just go to the library in the morning and print it. Which is great because at my old school we had to pay to print something, but here it’s free. I always go to the library whenever I have a study hall too, to just talk to my other friends that have study hall that period in a different classroom. I can tell you one thing, without the library I would definitely be behind in a lot of my classes.”

Trumbull High’s Media Center offers a plentiful amount of resources to all students. There are enough computers available to accommodate the amount of students that are usually there each class period. The media center also not only offers an abundant amount of books for students to check out, but calculators and textbooks as well. The librarians are also a great resource for the school’s students. They are also willing to lend a helping hand to anyone in need.

Senior Arlene Martinez, had plenty to say about the library’s resources. “Honestly I do not know what I would do without the Media Center. I have study hall second period every day so I’m always in here making sure I’m on top of all my work. I probably use the computers more than anything else. Since I’m in here every day, I try to get all my work done so I don’t have to do anything at home. And a lot of it involves using the computer. Also, I’m really appreciative of the fact that we can check out a calculator. Last year, during finals I forgot my calculator at home. Luckily, the library still had some left despite it being a time of demand for them, and I was able to check one out.”

The Media Center also provides students with another meeting point besides the commons. It is always there for all students who may want to get away from the noisy cafeteria to talk in a calmer environment during their lunch. Underclassmen may also go to the library during their study hall to escape the restrictions of the classroom. While, seniors might choose to go there as well instead of staying in the senior lounge all period.

When asked how often she goes to the library, senior Ashley Montes stated, “I go at least once a day, usually more. I’m always there whenever I have a study hall, and sometimes I even go during lunch just to see what’s going on and who’s there.”

Although Trumbull high’s students’ opinions may usually vary, one thing that all students will agree on is how useful the library is.


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