Food Drive Has Big Turn Out

Robin Wyckoff  ’15
Senior Features Editor

As most of you know during the past few weeks a food drive has been going on here at THS. This food drive was organized by the Interact club and student council. Along with them the gym department helped out. The collection boxes were in all homerooms and the gym teachers collected during classes. Trumbull high wanted to give back this year. All non perishable food items collected were going to the Trumbull Food Pantry on Priscilla Place.

Food DriveOriginally this food drive was put on to collect food for Thanksgiving, but when Mr. Pijar got in contact with the Trumbull Food Pantry it was made known that enough food had already been donated to go toward the Thanksgiving weekend. The food pantry suggested donating the 1800 non-perishable food items for the holiday break. To know that there was enough food previously donated for the hungry families on Thanksgiving is amazing.

The food drive is now concluded but you may be asking “where is all the food now?” Well right now 60% of the food is taking up every available space in Mr. Pijar’s office with the other 40% in the gym. According to Mr. Pijar though, on December 4th or 5th the Trumbull Food Pantry will come pick up the food.

Some of you may not know that this food drive has had one of the biggest turn outs that THS has seen. Mr. Pijar expressed to me how proud he was of THS for coming together and because of how we stepped up to help these families. He then said his goal for future food drives is to have every student and faculty member bring in at least one non perishable food item each. That would provide an outstanding amount of food for the people going hungry in Trumbull.

I ask you during this holiday season to remember to give back to your community and to remember how lucky and fortunate you are for having what you have. You must keep in mind that not everyone has a hot meal placed in front of them every night. Stay conscientious and enjoy your holiday.

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