Weather or Not to Play

Thomas Switzgable

One of the main storylines before the Seattle Seahawks’ 43-8 pounding of the Denver Broncos in Super Bowl XLVIII was the factor of weather. The Farmer’s Almanac predicted a blizzard for Super Bowl Sunday, as they are correct 85% of the time.

Lucky for America, the tri-state area was gifted with an unnaturally high 49 degrees Fahrenheit at the beginning of kick-off. There was little to no precipitation until it started to drizzle lightly in the fourth quarter.

Controversy with the weather began to surface after the Broncos won their seventh AFC Championship over the New England Patriots. Many people were worried that Peyton Manning was going to struggle with passing in cold, snowy weather, as his passes weren’t that great in the cool sunshine during that game.

I asked junior Patrick Lipinski his thoughts on this topic, and he replied, “I don’t think the NFL did a smart job of putting the Super Bowl outside in New Jersey where weather could definitely be a factor. As a Broncos fan, I know Peyton Manning throws lots of wobblers in the snow and pretty much just plays bad. The snow would really hurt him and the chances of the Broncos winning the Super Bowl. As a football fan, the game should be won fairly meaning being in a comfortable environment. The best team should win and if a costly fumble caused by the snow ends up losing the game for someone it’s not fair. Maybe it would have been exciting to watch but I think it’s unfair for both teams.”

Patrick raises some excellent points. What if the snow does cause a fumble that could be detrimental to either team? But on the other hand, wouldn’t it be a blast to see 250-pound men sliding across the field on their stomachs to retrieve a football?

When I asked junior Charles Pitcher if he thought weather was going to be a factor he gave me a stern “Absolutely.” He says “I personally would have preferred it to be on Saturday [to avoid the snow],” He, like many others in America, would have preferred it to be on a different day, but the NFL had already invested so much time and money into this game for it to be on Sunday, that this option was out.

The players, the fans, and the NFL definitely dodged a bullet this past weekend, but I would have personally liked to see it snow because football is a game where the players should be able to survive the elements, not get pampered in the Miami sun. Maybe MetLife Stadium will get another chance to host a Super Bowl, and if that is the case, I hope the snow comes fast and furious.


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