Athletic Director, Mr. Herbst, Retiring

Christopher Rzasa
Senior Sports Editor ‘14

For 38 ½ years there has been one constant at Trumbull High School. Whether he was teaching or being the Athletic Director, Mr. Herbst was always there with the best intentions of making Trumbull High better. One Thursday afternoon in February I had the honor to sit down for a while and talk to him about what his career at Trumbull High was like.

Me: What was your experience working at Trumbull High?
Mr. Hersbt: Best time of my life.
Me: Any specific moments that have really stood out to you?
Mr. Herbst: No, the whole 38 ½ years have been fantastic. No one moment was better than the rest. Everyday was a great memory. Whether I taught science or I taught Phys Ed, or came in as Athletic Director everyday was different and was good.
Me: Got any exciting plans after retirement?
Mr. Herbst: Not at all. I just live 3 miles down the road and I’ll work on my house. I’ve got a lot of projects outside that I never had time to get since I was always here.
Me: Sounds great! Where do you see the future of Trumbull High athletics going?
Mr. Herbst: A lot of people say I’m nuts, which I probably am, but I see in the future athletics being done away with at a high school level. I see it being like Europe, where you have a town team and you play for the town. Because of the cost prohibitive factors involved, it will eventually lead to that.
Me: Do you think that’s better or would you say it is best the way it is now?
Mr. Herbst: The high school experience is the high school experience. You can’t replicate it. Athletics is a large part over half, about 52.8% of students participate. It affects a lot of people here.
Me: Then you’ve got to figure a lot of students are going to miss out on that experience.
Mr. Herbst: Oh yeah, a lot less involvement. There won’t be a Freshman or JV team. You’ll have a varsity level and that’s it. You’d have to be really good as a freshman to get on any team. I really hate to see that but that’s the way of a future.
Me: What originally brought you here to Trumbull High?
Mr. Herbst: I had 3 great mentors growing up. I had an elementary Phys Ed teacher, named Jim Lynch, middle school Phys Ed teacher Lou Anchar, and Tom Crom in High School. All three people inspired me to be a coach and teacher.
Me: Good to hear you’ve been inspired by great people! Now me personally, I am a huge Ultimate Frisbee fan and I know there are some here at Trumbull High. Do you think there’s possibility for an Ultimate Team at Trumbull High?
Mr. Herbst: If there’s other schools interested and if there’s enough teams in the state interested. There has to be a certain number to have the sport for it to be recognized as a sport.

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