Songs Reflect Human Emotion

Hayley Wettenstein ’14
EE Staff Writer

Music is often an accurate representation of humanity and the idea of what it means to be human. Song lyrics are able to demonstrate many of the multitude of emotions that humans may experience. They are able to paint pictures and tell stories that reflect just some of what humans feel, whether good or bad. Music is overall an important and beneficial way to show some of the different feelings that humans experience every day.

Wasting All These Tears is a song by Cassadee Pope, winner of season 3 of The Voice. Her song focuses on heartbreak and the struggles of giving your all to someone who ends up just pushing you away. Two of the opening lines state, “My loneliness was a rattle in the windows/ You said you don’t want me anymore”. Pope immediately expresses how due to her breakup, she feels nothing but loneliness. Her boyfriend no longer wanted to be with her, so the feeling of rejection was overwhelming. Repeated in the chorus of the song, Pope sings: “And you left me/ Standing on a corner crying/ Feeling like a fool for trying/ And I don’t even remember/ Why I’m wasting all these tears on you.” Her lyrics are relatable to anyone who has suffered heartbreak, and they show some of the emotions that go along with the difficult situation. This song has a clear story line, and her lyrics show a variety of feelings- including sadness, anger, and frustration. It is human nature to feel upset, angry, and rejected after a relationship that did not go as planned. Pope’s song is easy to connect and definitely represents some of the many emotions that humans may feel.

  Another song that represents what it means to be human is Let Her Go by Passenger. This song tells a story of a man who let go of the girl he loved, but never realized how much she meant to him until it was already too late. Some of the opening lyrics: “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow/ Only know you love her when you let her go.” The artist clearly shows that he is now living his life with regret. Not only is this song about his past relationship, but also about just not appreciating the little things in life. Other lyrics include: “Only know you’ve been high when you’re feeling low,” “Only need the light when it’s burning low,” and “Only miss the sun when it starts to snow.” Again, he means that it is hard to appreciate what you have while you still do have it.  The members of Passenger work together to create a brilliant song about how humans do not appreciate what they have, whether something big or little, but do not realize this quick enough. It is human nature to take things for granted, but ultimately miss that thing when it is no longer in your life. This is repeated over and over again within people’s lives. Often it is taking for granted a special person, but other times it can be simply not appreciating a sunny day. And humans will only appreciate and cherish these things once they are gone.

Music is able to represent any feeling. Not only the lyrics, but the way artists go about their tone of voice can impact listeners and help them understand the song. Humans mess up fall down, but also stand right back up again-and music is able to show it all.


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