Social Media?

Lia Horyczun ’16
EE Senior News Editor

Most students at Trumbull High use social media of some sort. One very popular social media site is Facebook created by Mark Zuckerberg. Why do students have Facebook? Is it useful at all?

Kayla Murray, a junior, stated, “Facebook is sometimes useful. I mean I use it for updates of groups for school events such as THeSpian Society.” For thespians of Trumbull High, Facebook was used to advocate the word of how RENT the musical was cancelled and why it should be performed.

Some students use it mostly for social purposes like Brooke Plitnick who is a sophomore. She said, “I use Facebook just to see what people are up to and talk to some of my family. I don’t really use Facebook for school purposes. I think it’s more of a social benefit. The games don’t really catch my eye so I don’t really play them.”

Christina Garrity, sophomore, added, “I use it to talk to my friends mostly. I use Facebook somewhat for school purposes. Like if I forget the homework or if I’m absent I can find out the homework. Also to figure out if it’s A, B, C, or D day because I always forget.”

Another student found Facebook useful for school. Alison Kuznitz, junior stated, “ I mainly use Facebook to receive updates about upcoming club meetings or events. Also, I use it as a method to for getting in touch with people if I don’t have any other contact information.”

Other students found Facebook as a place for bullying. “Facebook is used to bully others online which I think is morally wrong.” Garrity added. Sophomore Jamie Malaterra said, “It can be useful for communicating with people but it isn’t useful because people use it for cyberbullying.”

Some students like Sydney Sheehan, senior, uses Facebook for what they love. Sydney uses Facebook for posting all the photos she is really proud of for her business which is named Sydney Rose Photography.

As of September 2012, Facebook has over one billion active users. It’s all the matter how people use the most used social media in today’s technological world. Entertainment Weekly even commented, “How on earth did we stalk our exes, remember our co-workers’ birthdays, bug our friends, and play a rousing game of Scrabulous before Facebook?”

Instagram is another popular social media. Most of the students have Instagram although students use it to some varying degree. Why do students use Instagram? Instagram hit one million registered users in 2010. In 2011, Instagram reached five million registered users and in 2012 it was announced that there were over 30 billion registered users. For some students it’s to share about their social life or what they love to do. Students use Instagram for pure fun. Normally, students don’t associate Instagram with school. It’s just another escape from our busy lives that students lead.

Sabrina Paz, sophomore, stated, “ I use Instagram because  I love expressing myself through photos. Better than a boring text post about how I’m eating some Mac and Cheese. I’d rather post a picture.”

Cristina Passo, sophomore, “I use Instagram ’cause all you really do is post pictured and you get to look at your friends’ pictures. It’s also fun to look ay celebrities’ accounts. I think it’s good cause there’s no way to post annoying ‘statuses’ on there.”

Casey Walsh, senior, responds, “I use Instagram to capture different moments in my life to share with friends and also to keep memories for myself, whether it’s a picture of a cupcake I ate or a picture of myself with my friends. It’s all about documenting memories.”

Social media can be used for positive aspects such as advocating about things one believes in, school, and the plain old having fun.

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