Powderpuff Girls

Alyssa Breunig ’16 and
Benjamin Vu ’16
EE Staff Writer

Powerpuff Girls are made up of a combination of a special “Chemical X”, sugar, spice, and everything nice. Powderpuff girls are made up of brains, brawn, and determination. They both have different make ups, but yield the same end result: a mean, lean, fighting machine. With both teams filled with enthusiastic players, the flag football match was bound to be exciting. While some may argue that Powderpuff is not as interesting as a real football game, there is still plenty of action and thrill. Kendall Szulimowski, a spectator, states, “I love seeing all the wipe outs! This isn’t your average gym class.”

With the original Powderpuff game being cancelled due to inclimate weather, the match had to be rescheduled to the springtime. There was a wide range of reactions due to this change. Maddie Dehm, a senior, states, “I really didn’t like powder puff being moved from the fall to the spring. We were all so pumped up about the game before and the excitement just was not replicable the second time around.” Nevertheless, other students were still excited about the Powderpuff despite it being moved. It was still an event that many looked forward to. “Having powderpuff in the spring is great because it really felt like a kickoff for spring athletics and events, like prom and the senior class trip. Spring doesn’t have anything like homecoming to bring everyone together; friendly competition like the powderpuff game was perfect to reestablish that camaraderie amongst seniors after a long winter” states Caroline Drenkard. Despite the change, the senior girls were still prepared to bust a move on the field.

At the end of the cold and rainy game the black team stood on the gridiron victorious with the final score of 4-3. The black team had two touchdowns from Lauren Hyde and two from Rebecca Buck. On the gold team, Katie Foley scored two touchdowns and Jamie Appelberg scored one. Jamie Appelberg, gold team quarterback explained, “Although my team lost I had an amazing time and it was really cool to see everyone getting into it.” The seniors agreed that it was a great way to bring the class together before prom and graduation. “It was such a great part of my senior year, it was so much fun just all the girls coming to together and getting competitive.” states Maggie Parisi, black team wide receiver. The girls battled to the end and although the strongest team prevailed, everyone had a great time. Rachel Carron, member of the black team states “I was just there to have some fun and tackle some of my friends. One play I actually caught the ball when it bounced out of my teammate Maggie Parisi’s hands and sprinted for a touchdown… Too bad I was blind and ran out of bounds.”  Powder Puff was a fun experience for some friendly competition and its a great way to end the senior year, although black team finished the game with the win. Who is it going to be next year?
All photo credit goes to Ralph DeLucq

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