THS Model Congress Shines in the Spotlight

Keerthi Yalamanchili ’17
EE Asst. News Editor

March 1st was filled with heated debates, Senate and House hearings and battles over proposed bills as the newly initiated Trumbull chapter of Model Congress traveled to Columbia University’s annual conference for the first time.

This brand new club, led by Ms. Katie Boland, has already gained an honorable name for itself. Trumbull representatives went into the intimidating conference knowing little to nothing about Congress and its procedures, but ended up on top with a outstanding five awards and their pride glowing brighter than ever.

In Model Congress students are separated into comittees where they follow parliamentary procedure and create, present, and debate bills ranging from the Keystone Pipeline to National Security. Afterwards, if a bill from one of the commitees is successful it gets presented to the entire Congress, where representatives vote whether or not to adopt the bill.

According to Ms. Boland, the goal of founding the program was to engage people passionate about government and prepare students for the We the People program their senior year.

“With program such as Model Congress, students can still become civically engaged and be active in their government,” said Ms. Boland.

A major difference between MUN and MCON is that in Model Congress representatives can take on their own positions and craft their own bills as they were able to at the Columbia conference. The team plans to go on to a longer overnight conference at Yale next year in December.

Recipients of the awards included:

Isha Dalal ‘17 – Honorable Mention for her work in Homeland Security as well as an Honorable Mention for the full house session.

Nicholas Marchenko ‘17 – Award of Excellence for his work in the House Selection Committee of Ethics.

Taylor Berlin ‘16 – Honorable Mention for her work in the Senate Committee on Foreign Relations.

Aravind Sureshbabu ‘16 – Award of Excellence for his work in the House Committee of Commerce, Science and Technology.

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