Good Bye from Jack…

Jack Zhang ’14
Co Editor-in-Chief

The pen is mightier than the sword. Unless your pen is a sword, in which case you’d be Percy Jackson. All joking aside, ever since I was little I have always believed that words, in particular writing, have enormous power: they give people the chance to express themselves. This belief is something I have carried with me throughout all my four years in the Eagle’s Eye.

In seventh grade, I learned that one of the greatest demonstrations, not to mention shutdowns, of free speech in history occured on none other than my birthday, a date no one dares speak about in my home country. That made me angry. “How could one be so close-minded that simply speaking is considered a threat?” This ignited a flame in me to tell people’s stories. No matter the person, no matter how small, it’s better than not be able to speak at all.

Since then, words have become like a palette, a way to engage the people around me. Brushing aside my fears of speaking in public, I interviewed the principal on the second week of school, and since that day I have never looked back.
This year I am happy to say the Eagle’s Eye has evolved to include more than the print issue you see before you. We have since explored the realms of video documentaries, found ways to penetrate the world of social media, and have adopted the motto of reaping the best of both worlds.

I am fasicnated to see what next year’s staff is to come up with. It’s been a pleasure working with the editorial staff this year, and I am proud to have spent my four years with these dedicated people.

Sophomore year I came up with the nickname “berd” (in contrast to the yearbook term “yerd”) to describe someone who’s really dedicated to the Eagle’s Eye. While the term hasn’t taken off just yet, I shall miss my fellow berds and as I leave the nest, I know you all shall forever be in my heart. The next journey starts now, so hobey ho let’s go.

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