If I Stay… the New Fault in Our Stars?

Rachel Tropp ‘16
EE Entertainment Editor

Since its release on August 22nd, If I Stay has been both the object of tears and criticism. Based on the book by Gayle Forman, the movie follows cellist Mia Hall in the aftermath of her family’s tragic car crash. The lone survivor, Mia finds herself in an out of body experience.She watches her friends deal with her coma while she engages in a series of flashbacks that cause her to question whether she should stay and live on in a family-less world, or whether it would be easier to die.

Integral to this decision are the two things that she was most focused on in the past year before the accident: her music and ambition of a future at prestigious Juilliard, and her now ex-boyfriend Adam, whom she still loves. As Mia poignantly remembers both her family and her times with Adam, a vivid picture of her life is painted. Doubtless, too, the deaths of her ex-rocker parents and adorable little brother evinced many tears in audiences across the country.

The heart of the story is very touching, and the not quite average life of the musical protege inspires all of us. Yet, many were unimpressed by the formulaic storyline, and found the tale more manipulative than heartfelt.

However, it is a narrative that will stay with many of us anyway, and teaches us to value the life we have while we live it.


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