Adventures in Europe

50 Students Enjoy the Trip of a Lifetime

Ginnila Perez ‘15
EE Staff Writer

Just as most students were finally catching a breath of air after finals this past June, a group of around 50 Trumbull High students, teachers, and parents were packing their bags, double checking passports, and making last minute shopping runs for toothpaste.

On June 28 the group headed out to spend the next ten days oversees on a tour of Europe centered around the events of World War II. The trip was headed by a diverse group of chaperones including, Mrs. Rubano, Mrs. Guadagnoli, Mr. Matthews, Mrs. Santelli, Mr. LaBarca, Mr. Ostrander, Mrs. Conti, and Mrs. Benedict.

europe4 sept 2014Upon arriving, the group was introduced to their tour guide and quickly began their first busy day in London. The tour included sights such as The British Museum, Big Ben, and Buckingham Palace, as well as the Imperial War Museum and The Churchill Museum and Cabinet War Rooms. After leaving London, the students and advisors traveled to Portsmouth, England where they visited the D-Day Museum and boarded an overnight ferry for Normandy, France.

There they visited the Normandy Beaches, the Caen Mémorial: Museum of Peace, La Pointe du Hoc, and the American Cemetery to learn more about the events that took place there on D-Day. Whether they spoke French or not, all of the students and adults were able to enjoy and learn about the French culture first hand.

europe5 sept 2014Of course, a major highlight of the trip was going to Paris. Taking a riverboat tour on the Seine River that surrounds the city was one of the most memorable moments on the trip. The students we lucky enough to see major sights such as Notre Dame, the Versailles Palace, the Louvre, and the Eiffel Tower, as well as having unique cultural experiences like preparing a meal alongside a professional French chef and watching a world cup game in a local restaurant. The trip ended with a trip to a concentration camp in Belgium and a day in the city of Brussels, where the group was able to enjoy authentic Belgian waffles and chocolate.

Overall, this trip was an unforgettable experience to all who were involved. Besides being an extraordinary vacation it also proved to be a priceless learning experience as it provided greater insight to modern European culture as well as further understanding to the long-term effects of war on a nation. The lessons learned and memories made on this trip will not be forgotten any time soon.

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