The New Mike in Charge

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A cork board full of pictures of athletes on the left, and a door leading to the weight room on the right. The smell of dirty pads and equipment fill the hallway as the bright ceiling lights guide the way to the closed wooden door. Two knocks grant access inside the office of the new athletic director, Mike King. Eight-twenty on a Tuesday morning and Mr. King is hard at work, preparing for the upcoming fall opener games. Customized posters designed by the man himself accent the black, gold and white themed room, adding a sense of family and school spirit. The motivational books containing inspiring quotes fill the rectangular back table. A big black couch posted up against the back wall provides the site of personal interview. In just short forty-five minutes Mr. King will be able to give the community a better idea of what it is like to be thrown into a new school as the head athletic director.

A poster hung on the back wall read, “Eagle Pride. Do you have it?” Mr. King talked about when he got the news about becoming the new Athletic Director he personally customized posters to add school spirit throughout his room. He stated, “If I don’t exude school spirit how can I expect anyone else too? You will always see me wearing black, gold and white everyday.”

Behind him a bright yellow poster with black capital writing read “Family.” It hung in the center of the other posters along the back wall. Upon asking Mr. King about the meaning behind the poster he explained the importance of having a family like community within the athletic program. “I want this program to be a close one, one where it’s not every sport caring for themselves, but rather caring for all the others too. Lets say the football team gets out of practice early or has a break, instead of going home they go watch the volleyball game for a little or any other sporting event that’s going on.” Located in the back right corner of Mr. King’s room stood a book of motivational quotes on a rectangular table. He flipped through the crisp pages of the book and stared to explain the importance inside. “Being a coach for 17 years taught me that when speaking to my athletes its better to say two or three good quotes that will stick in their minds when they go home instead of me rambling on for ten minutes and having them tune me out after three.”

After being a Purple Viking for 17 years Mr. King expressed his feelings toward becoming a Golden Eagle. He described his emotions about transferring as fun and exciting because in his mind, “change is a good thing.” For any other contenders filling the shoes of the old Mike aka Mr. Herbst would be threatening but this was not the case for the new Mike. “I am more nervous about not knowing every detail about where things are located and how to help serve the wants and needs of the athletes according to school standards.” After not only being an Athletic director but a coach and teacher as well, Mr. King expressed what he will miss about being able to be all three. He stated, “What I am going to miss the most are the relationships I made with my athletes and students. I am going to miss my basketball girls coming in and out of my office on a daily basis, I strive to make relationships like that in this school.”

As the interview winded down Mr. King spoke about what inspires him to be the best Athletic Director he can be. He said,” I know it sounds cliché, but my high school coach. When I was in High School whenever my mom told me to do something it may or may not have gotten done, but if my coach told me to do something it got done in the blink of an eye.” Mr. King continued to talk about the life lessons his coach instilled in him and how he hopes and plans to instill ones like that in the new group of athletes. Mr. King plans on leaving his athletes with little life lessons that will stay with them forever and to one day be someone’s inspiration.

To end the interview, Mr. King described a picture that was previously hung up under the air conditioner unit on the side of his office that illustrated one of the best moments in his life. The picture contained the game-winning scoreboard of King’s girls’ basketball team conquering a win vs. town rival, Stamford. The purple pack rushed the court with flags waving in the air to congratulate the team as well as King himself. “I took the picture down and replaced it with a Trumbull High football helmet for now. One day I plan to get a similar picture except with the black hole storming a Trumbull victory.”

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