The Man Behind the Suit

Nicholas Grew ‘15
EE Contributor

Each day kicks off at 7:27 am with a familiar voice coming over the loudspeaker. Giving a warm welcome to the Trumbull High Community followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, Mr. Guarino creates a typical morning routine within the school. The second year principal makes it a point to engage in the THS Community by walking around, communicating with teachers, and pausing in the halls to say hello. As the school day progresses, Mr. Guarino checks his emails and plans events such as spirit week to provide students with a dynamic educational experience.

After one year under his belt at Trumbull High School, Mr. Guarino exemplified how impressed he was by the amount of school spirit he has already seen. When compared to his former workplace, Guilford High School, Guarino remarked that “there is way more school spirit in Trumbull.” However, he believes that there is always room for improvement, and even Trumbull “needs more school spirit.”

In regard to the specifics of spirit week, Guarino had much to say about Sponsor-A-Senior day. As he was a rookie last year, Guarino was unaware of the nuances that come with the most exciting day at Trumbull High School. He certainly plans on keeping the beloved event, however, he wants to make sure that “appropriate rules are set in place” in order to prevent the chaos of the larping from happening again.

Despite his love for spirit week, education needs to be prioritized at Trumbull High School. Mr. Guarino is working hard to find the perfect balance between the excitement of such an unorthodox event and the maximization of the learning experience. Therefore, the man behind the suit is beginning his second year at Trumbull High with feasible goals in sight.

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