Halloween Costume Ideas

Lia Horyczun ‘16
EE Staff Photographer

Ever been on a tight budget for Halloween? Well, it’s always best to stick with clothes from your own closet; only buy the necessary items. If you plan to be a princess, buy a cheap tiara. Stores like Michael’s are perfect for finding a wide range of items. But, most importantly: be creative and work with what you have. Dressing up for Halloween is all in the name of fun.

Here are five examples of super easy, low budget costumes for Halloween:

#1 Who wouldn’t want to be a black cat?
1)   Wear a black t-shirt and black pants.
2)   Grab black eyeliner for the whiskers; three strokes will do. Grab some glitter to add some fun to your kitty costume.
3)   Use the same black eyeliner and create a black triangle on the nose.
4)   Purchase black ears and a black tail.
5)   Paint your nails black.

#2 Be a Superhero!
1)   Wear a white t-shirt.
2)   Paint or use felt tip accents for the logo of your favorite superhero.
3)   Purchase a cape for the effect.
4)   Wear tights, if you are feeling daring.
5)   Lastly, purchase a mask if want to be anonymous.

#3 Slumber Party Time!
1)   Wear your onesies (be sure to go with a crazy, outlandish one).
2)   Hair in a ponytail.
3)   No makeup, or apply minimally.
4)   Carry a stuffed toy from your childhood. Don’t lose it!
5)   Use a pacifier or scream a lot (optional).

#4 Nerd
1)   Borrow a pair of overalls from your mom or dad.
2)   Wear hair in pigtails.
3)   Add huge glasses for a better effect.
4) Carry a textbook (lightweight) and bury your nose in it.
5)  Sputter crazy equations from your textbook. (Insert equations on flash cards and tape them to the pages of your textbook.)

#5 Feeling extra lazy? Go as a ghost.
1)   Grab a white sheet.
2)   Poke holes for the eyes.
3)   Decorate it accordingly depending on how you want your ghost to be (happy, sad, angry,etc.).

Don’t forget Halloween is meant to be fun, so go door to door and grab your neighbor’s candies!

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