In Too Deep

Mollie Coleman ’15
EE Contributor

Caught in a lie she didn’t tell and no courage to correct it. Amanda Grace leaves you on the edge of your seat with this well-written suspenseful novel. In the novel, In Too Deep, the main character, Sam, was determined to make the most popular boy in school, Carter, notice her inspite of hopefully making her best friend, Nick, realize there is something between them.

However, Sam didn’t start the rumor. After having an encounter with Carter at his party, rumors began, convincing the whole school that Carter raped Sam. This is not true though. Sam did not know what people were talking about. Suddenly people she had never talked to started to comfort her and tell her stories about Carter being such a terrible person but she never denied the rumors she just accepted them. Sam got herself in deep. Things began to spiral out of control and Sam realizes she needs to stop this but does not know how without losing her best friend and having people think she started the rumor or that she did this for attention. When reading the novel, you can feel her awkwardness and the uncomfortable situations of having to tell people the truth. Rape is such an intense subject. There would be a lot of people who would hate her because they would not know the entire story. Through out the book, as a reader, I really felt like she should have said something from the beginning when she first found out about the rumors. At first when people started telling stories about Carter being a terrible person I felt as maybe he did deserve what he was getting, but in reality he does not. Even though Carter was not always a good guy, being accused for rape is a terrible thing and a lot more serious than the things he has done. An interesting perspective in this novel would have been to see what the other characters were thinking and make the novel an alternating point of view from several different characters. Overall, the novel was great about decisions and the consequences that come with those decisions. The novel definitely does a great job with portraying how quickly rumors spread in high school and how difficult making decisions can be.

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