Staying fashionable in the fall

Lia Horyczun ’16

EE Staff Photographer

Summer has officially passed, and fall has finally arrived. The leaves are changing from sunglow yellow to amber oranges and exuberant reds. While summer consisted of warm days and starlit nights, fall owns the chilly night air with people enjoying cozy evenings in. 

As this change is inevitable, the transition from light clothing items to heavy fall outfits becomes a struggle. Female students fall into the habit of wearing sweaters and leggings. However, there needs to be a change in the way girls choose to express themselves clothing-wise. Do not be afraid to wear what you want as long as it is appropriate with the dress code!

Having a few essential items will maintain a balance of style and comfort. Settling for the classic sweater and leggings all the time will only make you a follower of the crowd. Why not capture your crush’s attention with your new outfit for school?

Sure comfort is a must, but looking like you don’t put effort into your style unintentionally shows that you are lazy.

“I like the sweater and leggings style. I think people should make it their own by adding a scarf, jewelry, whatever they want,” junior Dana Sorge advises.

Carefully prepare your outfit the next day, keeping your idea of style in mind. Make sure that the pieces you choose works together. Remember, your outfits should reflect you as a person and why you are wearing that blazer.

“You will never go wrong with layering, but don’t overdo it. Keep it simple yet classy. Tall boots are an essential,” adds Sorge.

When asked about her style sophomore Kara Bowen responds, “For the ‘composed style,’ I think it’s less about individual clothing pieces and more about the things you add on…I usually base my outfits around a single article of clothing, a dress or a skirt, and choose jewelry and shoes based on that. Even a really ugly skirt can work if you add the right tights, necklace, [or] jackets. Jackets especially are my favorite thing ever, you can repeat outfits with a different jacket each time and make it look totally different. For fall I have this faux leather jacket that.. can be worn both inside and outside and makes me feel really cool.”

Taking inspiration from what Bowen suggests, be daring and wear your favorite shorts with leggings or tights. Those graphic tees stored in your closet need to come out. Put them on and then add a blazer for a polished effect. Grab your black tights with combat boots and a motorcycle jacket. Add as much jewelry as you want.

Furthermore, dresses should not be pushed to the back of your closet until a party is just around the corner. Simply pair them with some cute leggings and combat boots. If the dress is strapless, pair a color corresponding T-shirt underneath your dress, and you’ll be warm and fashionable.

Freshman Kaitlyn Schels says, “I like to steal people’s attention with eyeliner because not many people wear it, and my eyes become so much more noticeable to create attention.”

Rock that eyeliner that Schels suggested and go for a red lipstick to change things up. Don’t wait for a party, people will certainly notice.

When asked if cardigans are simple must-haves that should be in every girl’s wardrobe, sophomore Emily Bonavenutra responds, “Yes, because you can dress them up or down and they’re easy to throw over anything.”

Have we all forgoten about jeans? Jeans come in all varieties of different forms. Clothing pieces can be worn as long as one plans the outfit out with a touch of personality.

As famous fashion designer, Coco Chanel, once said, “A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.” Go daring and change the world one clothing item at a time.

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